Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (2023)

Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (1)9GAG is one of the funniest websites and one of the most successful websites that allows users to download funny videos. It's full of funny comics, hilarious quotes, LOLcats, funny pictures, memes, and pretty much every other type of silly content you can get off the internet. If you like being entertained, especially watching memes online, you probably want to find moreSites like 9GAG. That's why I've compiled this list of sites similar to 9GAG. These are great alternatives that are on par with 9GAG and can be just as fun as 9GAG. I guarantee these pages will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Top 10 Sites Like 9GAG That Will Make You Laugh

  • Cheeseburger
  • the onion
  • the oatmeal
  • super humor
  • have fun or die
  • Lustig
  • evil milk
  • fast meme
  • meme center
  • funny garbage

1. Cheeseburger

CheeseburgerIt's one of the greatest funny sites like 9GAG with a wide variety of memes and humor. Originally the site was a weblog called "I Can Haz Cheezburger" that featured LOLcats, funny pictures of animals that were mostly cats. They would also have humorous subtitles. The site became so popular that all sorts of great stuff was added to it. The site is now collectively known as CHEEZburger and has all sorts of memes. The content is divided into several categories including memes and other animal images as well as funny showbiz memes, collections of jokes for all nerdy niches and subcultures and much more. The other sections include Rage Comics, Failbook, Just for Pun, English Funny and more. There are sure to be a lot of LOLs here.

Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (2)

2. the ONION

Lauchzwiebelis another entertainment website similar to 9GAG that is developed and operated by Resignation Media Inc. TheChive offers the latest and best images, gifs and funny videos available on the web. It's a free app that anyone can access and enjoy. It is known to have the best exciting, fun and uplifting content. The site has over 30 million users worldwide who post, view and share over 800 million pieces of content every month. The website requires an account to upload and share its content. You have the option to sign up via email or Facebook after downloading the app. Once you've signed up, you'll have full access to all of your favorite memes. It's easily one of the best.funny video sitesout there.

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Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (3)

3. Oatmeal

the oatmealis known as one of the best 9GAG sites as it is a place that shares a mix of comics and fun articles. It combines the best of both worlds to be both informative and entertaining. Oatmeal was created by Matthew Inman in 2009. It's full of comic book drawings and artwork, all by Matthew. The name "The Oatmeal" comes from Matthew's nickname as people used to call him "The Oatmeal". Serves a complete and diverse audience. It's pretty impressive to see that everything was created by one person. Oatmeal is divided into Comics, Blogs, Quizzes, Books and the Oatmeal Shop.

Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (4)

4. Superhumor

super humoris another great site similar to 9GAG that aims to spread humor across the internet. It consists of many funny pictures, quotes and videos. The website uses a functional scrolling interface that makes it easy to navigate. The site is getting more popular every day thanks to all the entertainment content. The interface also features a ranking system where members have a chance to become the top rated users. These top users are selected based on the number of their karma points. There's also the random select button which, as the name suggests, takes you to a random post. All in all, Uber Humor is a great alternative to 9GAG.

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Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (5)

5. Funny or dead

have fun or dieis another great online entertainment site like 9GAG that brings the most entertaining content straight to your tablet or mobile phone. It has a lot of unique content created by in-house writers, producers, and directors. There is also content from guest authors such as Judd Apatow and James Franco. Funny or Die is among the best platforms that keep you updated with the best educational and entertainment content you could ever need. The app offers a wide range of content including articles, images, videos and gifs to keep you entertained on your mobile device.

Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (6)

6. fun

Lustigis one of the best 9GAG websites to enjoy lots of amazing memes, pics and videos. With iFunny you can not only browse a huge collection of funny memes but also create your own groups. It's a great app that's sure to put a smile on your face when you need it. iFunny also works more like a social network where you can post unlimited images, videos and gifs. It is also one of the best meme generator apps that you can use to create your own memes and enjoy other people's memes. There are more than 10 million users around the world to enjoy and share unlimited meme collections.

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Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (7)

7. Perverse Milch

evil lechebrings you the web's funniest photos and GIFs, just like 9GAG. Update latest memes every 2 hours for you to watch. In addition, there is a list where you can find the top rated memes of all time. If you're looking for a new meme to discover, you can go to the most viewed tab to see favorites from different members around the world. However, the web design looks old and updated. But EvilMilk will surely make you laugh and improve your mood because of its hilarious pictures.

Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (8)

8. Fast memes

fast memeis another 9GAG alternative that can bring you fun and entertainment. It has listed the best memes on its homepage. Also, this site allows you to add a caption to every meme image you see. Of course, you can also express whether the meme is funny by clicking on "Like" or "Meh" next to the photo. If any meme on this page makes you laugh so much, you can click the share button to post it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. You can also upload your meme within Quick Meme.

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Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (9)

9. Meme-Center

meme centerIt's a site of pure laughter because of various meme images, like on 9GAG. All updated memes will be listed on your home page and you can comment on each picture. Also, you can share a meme directly to your Facebook or Twitter account. Another good thing about this tool is that you can level up by commenting, uploading and sharing memes on this site. You can find the rating on the far right side of the web interface. Also, you can find many memes in GIF format in Meme Center. It also has an app for Android and iOS devices.

Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (10)

10. Fun trash

You can find images of Memes, Marvel, Anime, Videos and GIFs atfunny garbage. Don't get the wrong impression that this site is garbage. It's just the name because its content is hilarious. There is a category where you can find normal memes or healthy memes on this page if you are looking for a fun new look. In addition, it has a huge society of meme lovers around the world. If you want to share your funny thoughts, create your meme and upload it to Funnyjunk for others to see.

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Top 10 Funny Sites Like 9GAG for Fun in 2023 (11)


Now you have an extensive list of websites to visit when you are tired and bored from work. Sites like 9Gag are great sources of entertainment. Let us know when you discover sites like 9Gag and we'll be happy to add them to our extensive list of sites. With all these amazing sites, now you canDownload video from blogThey prefer without looking for the best sites on the internet. If you found this article funny and interesting, don't forget to share it with your friends and family who are looking for more fun in their lives.


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