The best domain name generators (2023)

A great domain name is like a house: humble appeal is everything. By choosing a good option, you can increase traffic to your website every month and attract visitors from all over the internet.

However, you don't want to end up paying more than you have to for a big name. Some domain registries (and domain generators) do so-called domain tests: they look at what domains people are searching for and temporarily register those ideas themselves, so that domains appear to be unavailable or for sale for a high price. . Hopefully you pay a small ransom to get it back so they have more money in their pocket.

If you want to come up with great domain name ideas without fear of getting shot, we're here to help.

We list the 10 best domain name generators of 2023, including their prices, features and extra benefits.

We will also inform you in advance of any restrictions you should be aware of.

10 Best Domain Name Generators 2023

Let's take a look at the 10 best website name generators of 2023.

something extra is neededwebsite name ideas? Check out our guide to get started.

1. boys name

The best domain name generators (1)

Registered in 1999,boy nameis a domain name generator that can suggest names for your website based on specific keywords. It is a free, simple and straightforward domain name generator that offers many options up front.

Nameboy generates domain name ideas by combining keywords with popular phrases. For example, when you writechef of flames, Nameboy might

By default, Nameboy checks domain availability through Bluehost. However, you can simply uncheck the box before you start your search, so you can only check availability through

Nameboy also offers secondary company name generators based on your industry. Choose the name of your software, charity, fitness or even school from the drop-down menu on the home page to find the perfect solution for you.

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs analyze their options


Dominio.comis one of the world's most popular domain registries, web marketing and web hosting companies. With over 300 domain extensions and current prices, lets searchers browse hundreds of great domain name ideas with one click.

Like Nameboy, is easy to use. It suggests different extensions and minor variants of keywords in case you're not quite convinced by one idea. automatically checks domain name availability for each search. You cannot unsubscribe. However, has no history of domain testing.

If you're looking for additional tools and services, also offers a website builder, web hosting package, and design and marketing services.

The best domain name generatorfor: New entrepreneurs and bloggers

3. Panabee

The best domain name generators (3)

Panabeehelps you search for domain names, app names, website names and trade names in the same tool. It provides AI-powered business name ideas to users around the world, plus:

  • Related concepts
  • App name availability
  • International domains (more than 50% of Panabee users are international)

There are many search and filter options available on Panabee, including:

  • top level domains
  • put words first
  • add words
  • spelling changes

Although Panabee checks if the domain name is available, it only happens when you press a buttonsee availabilityoption under each name. Depending on your location, you will be redirected to IONOS or 101domain, a domain registration tool.

The best domain name generatorfor: Ecommerce brands that want to play with prefixes and unique spellings

4. Blogtiran

The best domain name generators (4)

Blog-tyrantis another domain search tool powered by Nameboy. The platform asks you to enter specific keywords related to your brand and offers one- or two-word sentence variations to create unique domain name suggestions.

Blog Tyranta's domain name generator is mainly aimed at bloggers. You can quickly combine key terms such aspoodlewith a catchy modifier likemusic, musicto create the perfect domain name for your blogmusic acanichevida.

Like Nameboy, Blog Tyrant also checks domain availability through Bluehost. You can turn this off by clicking the checkbox below the search bar.

While Blog Tyrant may seem like a domain name generator similar to Nameboy, it offers some unique additional tools, such as:

  • Check website opening hours
  • WP security scanner
  • Downtime-calculator
  • WordPress testbrzine
  • password generator

The best domain name generatorfor: Bloggers in trouble

5. Network Solutions

The best domain name generators (5)

network solutionsis a robust generator tool designed to help you find attractive domain names to buy. The service also doubles as a hosting provider with IT services, security, and more. Live chat is also available if you have any questions.

Network Solutions can help you find the right domain name by offering you popular, new and additional domain name extensions. Instead of limiting yourself to the most common top-level domains (TLDs) like .net or .biz, explore all sorts of cool suffixes like .accountant, .guru, and more. But they are known to have participated in domain tests in the past, so be prepared to search the name before looking it up.

Need to search for more than one new domain? Network Solutions offers bulk searches for over 20 domain names. It allows you to protect your great idea by registering similar terms with other extensions such as and

If you are looking for a deal, you can always use online solutions to find the best dealsexpired domain names. With this tool you can search for temporarily unused domains and take advantage of your favorites.

Once you're done with your domain name search, you can access Network Solution's additional tools and services to help you stay secure with tools such as:

  • SSL
  • Trademark protection
  • cyber security

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs looking for expired domains

6. Current domain search

The best domain name generators (6)

Currently looking for a domainIt currently offers domain name ideas, including domain extensions, alternate suggestions, and expired domains.

Instant Domain Search offers unique tools that are hard to find anywhere else. For example, you can useto pronouncethe ability to hear how your domain name sounds out loud.

You can also use Instant Domain Search to instantly check domain availability. If you want to buy something ASAP, you can buy a name on Shopify, GoDaddy, Sedo, or

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs who want to speed up the process

7. Station Names

The best domain name generators (7)

Station nameis an eclectic platform that offers one of the best domain generator tools on the market. Once you create a free account, you can start using their tools (and free generator) in seconds.

You can use NameStation to filter great contextual domain name ideas using alliteration, synonyms, acronyms, and more. However, NameStation's greatest glory lies in its naming contests: you can pitch your startup idea to other users and get help naming it. Please note that these matches are not free; Prices start at $40 per month.

NameStation checks available domain names against your name, but only uses WHOIS, so you don't have to worry about your domain name being stolen without warning.

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs who want extra help from crowdsourcing

8. Mira

The best domain name generators (8)

Look at oneis a brand and logo design company that offers one of the best domain name generators of 2023. This is an intuitive name generator that doesn't rely solely on keywords, which is great if you're not sure where to go. start up and need a new business. Name.

Looka's domain search engine generates suggestions by industry, keywords, or abstract ideas. These can be classified into made-up, compound, and multi-word names. You can even choose a customizable length from one to twenty characters.

You can check the availability of your domain through Look and register through However, this only happens when you clickavailability of domainspage. It is not required of you at all.

You also have access to additional tools, such as:

  • logo-makers
  • brand kits
  • sets for social networks

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs looking for a starter kit to build an internet presence

9. Effective domain search

The best domain name generators (9)

Efficient domain searchis another platform that does exactly what it advertises: generates domain names quickly. Similar to Instant Domain Search, you can quickly enter a few of your favorite keywords and get a great list of results.

With Lean Domain Search you can sort the results by:

  • Popularity
  • Length
  • Alphabetical order

Please note that Lean Domain Search offers domain registration (and availability verification) via WordPress. However, their FAQs promise that users will not undergo any domain testing.

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs looking for a simple, streamlined and efficient domain name creation tool.

10. Appointment

The best domain name generators (10)

To appointis an AI-powered naming tool that specializes in easily sorting and naming ideas you won't find anywhere else.

The platform offers dozens of naming options, including popular options such as:

  • Common phrases
  • new sentences
  • You have sentences
  • Similar phrases
  • seo-phrase
  • Funny quotes
  • Short sentences
  • additional sentences
  • swap the sentences

The platform is also easy to use and offers domain registration to compare prices on each name's details page.

The best domain name generatorfor: Entrepreneurs looking for ultra-filtered and ultra-creative results

Final Thoughts: Top 10 Domain Name Generators

The best domain name generators (11)

By choosing a good domain name, you can generate more traffic, generate more search volume and generate more sales. With tools that provide crowdsourcing, extension classification, and artificial intelligence generation, you're closer than ever to choosing the perfect domain name.

In this roundup, we highlight great options for the best domain name generators for different needs. Whether you choose Nameboy,, Panabee or one of our other options, you'll be up and running in no time.

Once you've chosen a great domain name generator, you should start looking for other tools to get your website up and running.

We recommend using itDominio.comto buy a domain name. You can use "WEBSITE SETTING 25Coupon for a .com domain for $7.99 per year.


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