Mohegan goes all out for his annual international hot summer parties in two countries (2023)

Mohegan warms up for his annual Hot Summer Fun party and there are endless activities and treats. From sunrise to sunset, Mohegan Company destinations plan unforgettable moments with brand new places to party, bigger prizes to be won and lineups packed with live acts. Participatemohegan zon,Mohegan Pennsylvania,mohegan las vegas casino,Notification,Resorts Casinohotel,Casinoresort FallsviewGCasino Niagaraall season long for the ultimate summer 2023 toast.

At the brand's flagship resort,mohegan zon, kicked off the holiday weekend with the opening of the highly anticipated Sun Patio Bar, a new 2,100-square-foot outdoor patio and 50-foot full-service bar complete with six high-definition screens and outdoor tables. Guests 21 and older can enjoy refreshing drink specials, delicious meals from the on-site food trucks and live music on Fridays from6pm to midnightduring the Hot Summer Fun Party timeslot on the Sun Patio. There is also a bar service on Saturdays.noon to midnightand Sundays12:00 PM to 9:00 PMMake the most of summer evenings with comfy chairs, delicious specialty drinks and a warm fire at the Sun Patio Bar!

Mohegan Pennsylvaniawill celebrate the beginningSaturday July 1, featuring live carriage races at Pocono Downs in Mohegan Pennsylvania with a twist! This family-friendly event features live ostrich and camel races, plus activities such as face painting, balloon art and food trucks, includingJitty JoeFrozen. The event will highlight the FSB initiative for our veterans and local charities, including the Marley Mission.

Celebrating 45 Years of Hot Summer Fun,Resorts Casinohotelstarted Memorial Day weekend with the legendary beach ball toss on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and a host of outdoor activities will take place on the property this summer. Located on the Jersey Shore, kick back and enjoy drinks from Wet Willie's, Margaritaville and more.

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The outdoor fun continues at Backyard BBQ atCasinoresort Fallsviewwith live music and a food and drink market held every Thursday through Thursday31 augustus. Guests can also enjoy an evening of craft cocktails and indoor/outdoor entertainment at After Dark every Friday and Saturday for R5 fromMay 19 to June 30.

NotificationuWashingtonstarts with a weekend full of fire and tasteIlan barbecuefestival. Taste and enjoy the best barbecue favorites as some of the best pitmasters in the country show off their skills in an epic weekend of sauce.Thursday June 8doorSunday June 11.

A hot summer party is not complete without all kinds of live entertainment. MoheganPennsylvaniaparty in the gardenThe series airs every Thursday during the summer and is presented by the Mohegan SunEntertainment at Patio del Solevery Friday, where tribute bands performzac bruin, DMB, koningin,Bruce Springsteen, and more will occupy them on stage and give guests the show of a lifetime. Guests can see their favorite acts in multiple venues this summer with a spectacular lineup of shows for the season.

To warm things upimpulsesmembers can participate in a new promotion every day of the week. Guests can sign up for Mohegan Sun's free rewards program at any Player's Club booth in all accommodations.

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mohegan zon
New this year, Momentum members who bring a friend to create a new rewards account will be rewarded Monday through Friday10 USDin a free slot machine game for them and their (new) guests.

  • more money on Monday– Members can earn their share10.000 dollarcash. Every Monday fromJune 26 to August 28, a member is randomly selected every 60 minutes10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ETto get1000 dollarcash, with a total of 10 winners on Monday during the eligibility period
  • Catch stingrays on Tuesday– Mohegan Sun gives to500 thousand dollarswith the Summer Sun Spin to win The Shops Concourse! 10 winners will be chosen every TuesdayJune 27 to August 29,between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
  • Wednesday Wild Winners- VanJune 28 to August 30, guests earn Double Momentum Dollars while playing their favorite slots, and guests who play table games, stadium games, poker or bet on the Race Book earn Double Status Points.
  • Thursday of emotions and chills– Guests can win their share10.000 dollarImpulse dollars. Od06:00 AM to 10:00 PM, visitors can play their favorite slots, table games, stadium games or in the Race Book or Poker Room to compete against other Status Level members. Five winners per status level every Thursday!
  • Fun on sunny Fridays- inside10:00 substancethe first 1000 Momentum members to visit the Play+ Event Center will receive a free Hot Summer Fun t-shirt. By7:00 PM. at 10:00 PM, guests can visit the Sun Patio for top spots for 21+ activities, food trucks, drink specials, bonfires and live music from tribute bands

Mohegan Pennsylvania

  • on Monday– A different promotion every Monday where guests can get promotional raffle multipliers, status multipliers, food coupons, free slots or gifts
  • martes– The first 500 Momentum members to earn a status point will receive a FREE Hot Summer Fun commemorative shirt. New designs every week to collect all nine!
  • Wednesday– Visitors who gain four status points receive one15 dollardinner voucher redeemable at your favorite Mohegan Pennsylvania restaurants
  • Thursday– Guests who have collected their Hot Summer Fun t-shirt can use their Momentum card at the promotion kiosk to receive it20 dollarfree gambling game
  • Friday- inside7th of July, 14 and 21, guests who earn five status points can play Press for Cash for up to1.000.000 dollarin free slot games and prize games
  • August Saturday– Guests who win five status points can play Fishing for a Fortune and win the maximum1.000.000 dollarin free slot games and gift card prizes
  • Sunday– Guests who earn three status points can enter a slot tournament and try to win their session for cash prizes and free slots!

mohegan las vegas casino

  • monday multiplier– Guests can earn more Status Points and Momentum Dollars upon entry
  • taquito autorak– Members of Leap, Ascent and Soar receive an order of taquitos with avocado and roasted corn atskull house
  • ice Wednesday– Members get a scoop of ice creamIce cream for dessert
  • thirsty thursday– Members get a margarita fromHeatGdesert star

Fallsview Casino Resort/Casino Niagara

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  • Instant Win Monday- Momentum members can collect their card from a kiosk in each facilityFrom 12:00 to right away250 dollarimpulse dollars
  • Play an N Go tournament on slots- VanTuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.mat Casino Niagara, all Momentum members can participate in a free 30-minute tournament. First prize500 dollarOne free game is awarded in each session. Applications start at11 saturated
  • driving in the summer– Wednesday in July at Casino Niagara and Wednesday in August at Fallsview Casino Resort, every hour from3:00 PM. at 7 sponsor will be selected to win cash or free play during the Hot Seat Stage promotion. One winner will be entered into the grand prize draw each day30 augustus. Momentum members can also pick up their Momentum card at the promotional kiosk and earn instantly50 dollarMomentum Dollars during the Instant Win promotion. The Swipe promotion runs from Tuesday to Thursday, where Momentum members can swipe once a day at the promotion kiosk for a chance to win the grand prize draw on30 augustus. The draw will take place on Wednesday
  • Auto Grand Prix prize game- inside30 augustus, the draw of free tickets for additional qualifiers will be held from every hour3:00 PM. at 6 pm.Momentum members can still claim and claim instant rewards7:00 PM., previous Hot Seat and Swipe qualifiers will be invited back to compete and win a new 2023 Lexus RX 350 Hybrid.

Resorts Casinohotel

  • Distribution of T-shirt series- On Monday, guests win a t-shirt for a chance to be seen by a prize patrol employee wearing the t-shirt to win a prize!
  • Tematska kioskspel Mystery Money– On Tuesdays, guests can test their mystery-solving skills and players will receive a guaranteed prize.10 USDor more and you can earn up to4500 dollar
  • A series of summer gifts– On certain Wednesdays and Thursdays, invited players will win a gift
  • Roll 45 squares- Every hour from2:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Resorts Casino Hotel will select five lucky guests to roll the dice at the Craps table. Depending on the roll, guests can get up to4500 dollar. Players can participate at the start of All Summer EarningSaturday May 27doorSunday Sept 3and roll 45 to win $1,000,000!100 thousand dollarswill be offered in prizes plus a chance to play1 million dollars
  • Disco Inferno plays every Sunday at8:00 PM., and in Lounge 78, guests can enjoy a retro pop-up bar all summer with specialty drinks, live entertainment, celebrity tributes, Sunday bar bingo, trivia nights, karaoke and more.


  • FREE t-shirt on Friday- every Friday from08 o'clock in the morning, ilani will be giving away a unique Hot Summer Fun t-shirt
  • 200 thousand dollarshot summer evenings- Every Thursday ilani dims the lights and raises prices, with1000 dollarHot Seats every 20 minutes from7:00 PM. at 9:40 pmIA5000 dollargrand prize at 22:00!
  • Rooftop Tribute-serie– every Friday fromJune 16, guests can grab a drink, enjoy the warm summer night air and start the weekend with a prominent tribute band on the roof of the garage

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Over Mohegan
Mohegan owns, develops and operates premier entertainment resorts in the United StatesUnited States,You have, GNorth Asia. Mohegan's US operations include resorts in theConnecticut,Washington,Pennsylvania,New Jersey, GNevada; Canadian operations are based at Niagara Falls; and Mohegan Inspire is located in Incheon.South Korea. The brand's iGaming division, Mohegan Digital, provides premium online gaming solutions to Mohegan's loyal fan base, serving the digital needs of customers around the world. Mohegan owns and operatesConnecticutSun, a professional basketball team in the WNBA. For more information about Mohegan and its properties,

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  • BRON: Mohegan


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