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Excerpts from The Adventure | Adventure Matters MC |

Snippet based adventure questions

snippet 1

The Jijamata Express accelerated considerably faster than the Deccan Queen on the Pune-Mumbai route. There were no industrial communities outside Pune. The first station, Lonavala, arrived in 40 minutes. The section of the ghat that followed was no different than what I was familiar with. The train stopped briefly at Karjat and continued at even greater speed. It rumbled through Kalyan.

a) Name the chapter?
1)Die Browning-Version


3)Rota da Seda

4)the sick planet

b) Who is the author of "The Adventure"?
1) Jayant Narlikar
2) Nick Middleton
3) Who is Paljiwala?
4) Khushwant Singh

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c) Who traveled on the Jijamata Express?
1) Professor Gaitonde
2) Son of Professor Gaitonde
3) Professor Gaitonde's wife
4) Rajendra

d) What does the word "roar" mean?
1) thunder
2) trembled
3) trembled
4) none of that

R. A aventuraB.Jayant NarlikarC.Professor GaitondeD. Thunder


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stretch 2

Walking down Hornby Road, as it was called, he found a different set of shops and office buildings. There was no Handloom House building. In their place were Boots and Woolworths department stores, stately offices of Lloyds, Barclays and other British banks, like the typical high street of an English town.

a) Where did Professor Gaitonde go?
1 available
2) past
3) future
4) none of that

b) What did Gaitonde notice there?
1) old things
2) futuristic stuff
3) Modern things
4) Everyone dies

c) How did he have an accident?
1) Your truck collided with a car
2) Your car collided with another car
3) Your car collided with a truck.
4) Your truck collided with another truck

d) Who was he looking for?
1) your son
2) your wife
3) your mother
4) Everyone dies

a pastB.Old thingsC.Your car collided with a truckD. Your son

stretch 3

He searched the phone book, the personnel directory, and then the employee directory of all the company's branches. She shook her head and said, "I'm afraid I can't find anyone by that name either here or in any of our branches. Are you sure he works here? It was a success, not entirely unexpected. If he himself were killed in this world, what he would have a guarantee that his son would live, maybe he hadn't even been born yet!

a) Who is “you” in the first line?
1) press reporter
2) Media Analyst
3) Quality Analyst
4) English receptionist

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b) What was the name of Gaitonde Filho?
1) wine
2) Rajesh
3) Pankaj
4) Enter

c) Why couldn't Gaitonde find his son?
1) Because he was not born then
2) Because he worked at another company
3) Because he had lost his job there.
4) Because the receptionist didn't want the father to know about it

d) What most impacted Gaitonde?
1) That his son lied to him
2) That his son was a fugitive
3) That there were no traces of his son
4) none of that

A. English receptionistB.WeinC.Your car collided with a truckD. That there were no traces of his son

stretch 4

Gangadharpant arose from his thoughts. Looking around, he realized that he was the only reader left in this magnificent room. "Excuse me, sir! May I ask you to keep these books here for my use tomorrow morning? By the way, what time do you open?" "Eight, sir." The librarian smiled. Here was a practitioner and researcher right after his heart. When the teacher got up from the table, he put some notes in his right pocket.

a) Wo saß Gangadharpant?
1) barra
2) library
3) Restaurant
4) Hotels

b) When does the library close?
1) It's 7 p.m
2) At 8 o'clock
3) From 9h
4) At 6 o'clock

(c) From which book did Gangadharpant tear the pages?
1) withdraw
2) Machar
3) Bashar
4) Honey

d) Can you find the synonym for the word "big" from the following?
1) Precious
2) Precious
3) majestic
4) Everyone dies

LibraryB.At 8 o'clockC.basharD. All those

stretch 5

But Gangadharpant had the experience of speaking at 999 meetings and found the Pune audience at its most hostile. He kept talking. He soon became the target of a barrage of tomatoes, eggs and other items. But he bravely continued to try to correct this sacrilege. Eventually, the audience got onstage to see him in person. And Gangadharpant was nowhere to be seen in the crowd.

a) Where would Gangadharpant give his 1,000th speech?
1) Garden of Eden
2) Azad Maidan
3) Ram Maidan
4) Firoz Shah Kotla Maidan

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b) What was the public hostile to?
1) Gangadharpant's offensive language
2) Gangadharpant occupies the presidential chair
3) A nature humilde de Gangadharpant
4) none of that

c) What did the audience make of Gangadharpant?
1) Made him sit on stage
2) He threw him off the stage
3) He crowned him by sitting there
4) I covered it with flowers.

d) Find the synonym of the word "bravo" from the following?
1) brave
2) Feige
3) modesto
4) none of that

A. Azad MaidanB.Gangadharpant occupies the presidential seatC.threw him off the stageD. Tapfer

stretch 6

"Professor, just before you hit the truck, what were you doing?" Rajendra asked. "I thought about catastrophe theory and its implications for history" "Right! I thought so too!" Rajendra smiled. "Don't smile. If you think my mind is playing tricks on me and my imagination is running wild, check this out." And, triumphantly, Professor Gaitonde presented his crucial proof: a page torn from a book.

a) What does the word "amok" mean in the following?
1) Wildly frantic
2) out of control
3) crazy
4) Everyone dies

b) Who is "I" in the first line?
1) Gangadharpant
2) Viney Deshpandey
3) Rajendra Despandey
4) none of that

c) What happened when Gangadharpant's car collided with the truck?
1) passed out
2) Rose and Powder
3) He also collided his car with the truck
4) none of that

d) Where did you get the page?
1) Library
2) bookstore
3) Museums
4) none of that

A. All thoseB.GangadharpantC.He faintedLibrary D

section 7

“The transition allowed you to experience two worlds, albeit one at a time. The one you live in now and the one you spent two days in. One has the story we know, the other a different story. The division or bifurcation took place at the Battle of Panipat. You have traveled neither to the past nor to the future. You were in the present, but you experience a different world. It is clear that, for the same reason, many other different worlds must sprout from the branches at different times."

a) Who is the speaker of the previous lines?
1) Professor Gaitonde
2) librarian
3) Rajendra Deshpande
4) Vinay Gaitonde

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b) Who made the transition to another world?
1) Vinay Gaitonde
2) librarian
3) Rajendra Deshpande
4) Professor Gaitonde

c) How many worlds did Gangadharpant experience at the same time?
1 same
2) Two
3 three
4 (four

d) Chapter name?
Tut's discovery, the saga continues

2)Laburnum Peak

3)Rota da Seda

4)the sick planet

A. Rajendra DeshpandeB.Professor GaitondeC.Of theD. Rota da Seda

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