Employee login/logout template | be base | low code platform (2023)

Create reliable records of when each employee logs in and out from different pages in seconds.

This data can be used for factory scheduling, payroll automation, office scheduling, and more. Use our template to improve visibility, reduce operational costs, and optimize the employee experience.

What is the login/logout application for employees?

As the name suggests, login/logout applications are used to log in when employees log in or out from different locations. Employees can do a simpleform interfaceto record your location, check-in time, check-out time and any other relevant details.

The goal is to ensure that data is consistent, accurate and accessible to your management team. It also allows you to use your input/output data in other tools through third-party integrations.

For example, employee registration data can be used in project management tools, payroll software, scheduling applications, etc.

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Why digitize personnel files?

Many companies still conduct employee check-ins with pen and paper. Others have no systematic time management practice. This creates unnecessary administrative work, at the expense of your operational efficiency.

In addition, manually managing personnel files creates excessive disorganization and room for human error.

Digitization solves these problems. An efficient check-in/check-out application streamlines a wide variety of billing, HR, project management, and operations workflows.

What should the login/logout application contain?

Employee registration requirements are based on two elements:

  1. front placeLogin and logout interface.
  2. Background data layerfor storing, organizing and managing entries.

When an employee enters or leaves, a record is created in the database. Our template uses simple relationships to connect two databasesstaffGdefeated/Departure. When creating a new login or logout, the relevant employee data is also updated.

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The most efficient I/O tools provide additional features to streamline workflows, including support for external data, third-party integrations, and custom process automation.

Our employee login/logout template

Our employee login and logout template offers unparalleled usability, customization, and simplicity.

Our template offers:

  • Support for external databases.
  • Complete customization.
  • Automated processes.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Custom RBAC.
  • Third Party Integrations.
  • responsive design.
  • Possibility of own accommodation.
  • Design customization.
  • Optimized workflow.

Use our login/logout application as a fully deployable solution or customize and customize it to fully meet your needs.

Intuitive input/output processes

Our template is designed to completely simplify the login and logout process. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual login. With our simple app, employees can clock in and out in seconds.

We built our app around a simple one-screen interface. Users can select their name and add their location and time of arrival or departure in a concise modality.

Our template also keeps track of which employees are currently in different locations, so you have a clear overview of your workforce at all times.

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Fill in forms yourself

We've set up the opt-in/unsubscribe form to automatically populate with important employee information. Personal information, locations and whether the employee logs in or out are automatically filled in our forms.

Minimize required employee input to maximize process accuracy, efficiency and compliance.

All autocomplete data can also be overwritten. This ensures that employees can quickly resolve edge cases or correct data if they forget to log in or out on a given day.

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responsive design

Like all Budibase tools, our employee login/logout template works flawlessly on all devices. Design elements are automatically scaled and reduced to fit perfectly on all screen types.

Our app components are also fully tested against major accessibility standards.

Maximize app adoption by giving your employees a tool they can use anywhere, on any device.

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custom automation

Our login/logout application is the perfect platform to automate all kinds of work processes. We've provided formula variables to automatically update employee data based on their completed forms.

Use any action in the app to activate Budibase's extensive library of built-in automations. The data collected in our app can be used to drive automation for employee communication, facility management, maintenance scheduling, resources and more.

Budibase makes it easy to create powerful custom automation rules. Use JavaScript, expression toolbars, third-party integrations, and formula variables to create completely custom automation rules in seconds.

conditional interfaces

Use our conditional UIs to create fully optimized user experiences. Hide, show, or update any design element based on form entries, user data, behavior, employee data, and more.

We used simple conditional rules to make the workflow as efficient as possible and personalize user experiences.

With our simple conditional editor, you can set conditions to truncate forms, autocomplete data, or display different data fields, based on any user-defined attribute.

Design customization

Our template is fully customizable. Use our simple design tools to fully customize our login/logout app to match your own branding, user journey and design standards. Use our design themes to quickly perfect your app.

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With Budibase you can create professional custom applications in less than five minutes. We offer auto-generated screens, intuitive design tools, conditional rules, custom CSS editors, and more.

Add your logo, custom color palettes, and other branding elements or simplify navigation in the app, without the need for custom code.

custom RBAC

Budibase offers fully customizable role-based access control. Assign permissions to different groups of users based on their department, job title, seniority, location, or any other characteristic. Restrict different screens to certain user classes using our simple drop-down menu.

We've provided four levels of permissions so you can fully customize your app to meet your specific security and usability needs.

Ensure maximum app adoption and privacy, giving each user access to the exact data and features they need.

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Manage personnel files with Budibase

We at Budibase are on a mission to build the world's largest ecosystem of open source business tools. Usopen source en low source-platformdelivers custom applications that can be fully deployed in just five minutes.

Budibase offers:

  • Open source design.
  • scalability.
  • Quick installation.
  • Custom Permissions.
  • Autohospedie.
  • Security.
  • Automation.
  • Integrations.
  • conditionality
  • Support for external data.
  • Design customization.
  • Built-in JavaScript editor.
  • Automatically generated screens.

Budibase is a fast and cost-effective way to customizewinged interior.

Ons open source en low source platform

With Budibase, you can create feature-rich deployment tools in minutes with minimal coding skills. Use our template as a ready-made solution or customize it to your liking.

We also offer a range of SLAs and support agreements for enterprises and large organizations. Check out ourspricing pageFor more information.

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Support for external databases

Connect your Budibase tools to a wide variety of external data sources. Add external data to Budibase applications using MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql, S3, Airtable, MongoDB, CouchDB, Oracle, Rest API and more.

We also offer our own built-in database, with support for direct loading of CSVs. Say goodbye to disorganized spreadsheet management. Budibase is a fast and easy way to centralize data.

Third Party Integrations

Budibase offers extensive support forthird-party integrations. Connect to existing tools, using Zapier, Webhooks, Rest API and more. Run automations in third-party applications, using any action in your Budibase tools.

Connect our employee login/logout template with communication tools, billing software,requests for approval,Administration Panel,bring themand more, for fully integrated workflows.

Self-hosting and cloud deployments

With Budibase you have full control over how and where you deploy your custom apps. Choose independent hosting or Budibase Cloud. Deploy to your on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure using Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean, etc.

Budibase is the perfect way to build web apps, internal tools, mobile apps and more.


Businesses around the world rely on Budibase to protect their data. With custom RBAC and optional self-hosting, we enable our customers to implement the right security standards for their needs.

We also offer free SSO for all your Budibase tools, as well as support for authentication standards including OAuth and OpenID.


Change is inevitable. As your business grows, it's critical that your software suite can evolve to meet new challenges. Budibase makes it easy to add new features, users, data and application screens without worrying about excessive downtime.

We are revolutionizing the way companies build in-house applications. Budibase empowers users to create the perfect tools to solve everyday business challenges.

Start using Budibase today

We are on a mission to build the world's largest ecosystem of open source tools. With our innovative low-code platform you create fully functional and deployablebusiness applicationsin less than five minutes.

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Use our employee login/logout template as an implementation solution or customize and refine it to meet your specific requirements.

Click below to start using Budibase today.


What is a no-code low-code platform? ›

Low-code and no-code development platforms are tools for people who either do not know how to code or have no time to code. Whereas these low-code and no-code frameworks are built on actual coding languages like PHP, Python, and Java, end users are not concerned with the specifics.

Does Microsoft have a low-code solution? ›

Power Apps helps drive innovation with low-code tools

Expand app development across your organization with Microsoft Power Apps—a low-code development platform that accelerates professional developers and enables more people to create robust business applications for web and mobile.

What is low-code no-code Microsoft teams? ›

Low code platforms provide an intuitive approach to software development with minimum or no coding to build applications and processes. They allow the developers without experience, to build custom apps easily with little or no coding, and professional developers to develop and deploy the app quickly.

What is the difference between low-code and no-code platform? ›

Low-code and no-code platforms can be useful for different purposes. A low-code platform is most often used by IT professionals with some coding skills to create custom applications, while no-code platforms typically allow business users without any knowledge of how coding works to address their own development needs.

What is the difference between low-code and no-code? ›

A low-code platform is mostly leveraged by IT professionals with coding knowledge to create complex custom applications, while no-code platforms enable business users to create apps without any coding to address their business needs.

Is SharePoint a low-code platform? ›

Low code platforms, including Microsoft Power Platform suite and SharePoint, empower companies to stay competitive by providing citizen developers and IT professionals with powerful and visually based programming tools.

Is Salesforce a low-code platform? ›

Time is money when it comes to developing apps. A dynamic low-code platform like Salesforce can speed up the app-development process, letting you save on cost, time, and effort.

Is ServiceNow a no-code platform? ›

ServiceNow IntegrationHub provides thousands of spokes or connectivity support to applications, infrastructure, and platforms that can be used for custom integration with little to no code.

How do I join a Microsoft team without a code? ›

Go to the meeting invite and select Click here to join the meeting. That'll open a web page, where you'll see two choices: Continue on this browser and Join on the Teams app. You don't need to install the Teams app to join the meeting. If you join the meeting on your browser, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome both work.

What code does Teams use? ›

Basic requirements to build your Teams app
Basic requirementsFor usingFor environment type
Microsoft Edge (recommended) or Google ChromeA browser with developer tools.JavaScript and SPFx
Microsoft Visual Studio CodeJavaScript, TypeScript, or SPFx build environments. Use version 1.55 or later.JavaScript and SPFx
10 more rows
May 16, 2023

What is low-code no-code product manager? ›

Low code means that there is still some coding involved, but not nearly as much as with traditional software development. A product manager can use no-code platforms to build simple products without writing any code all they need is an idea and the tools to make it happen.

What skills do you need for low-code platforms? ›

  • Experience Working with Specific Low-Code Platforms. ...
  • Collaboration Skills. ...
  • Knowledge of Various Agile Frameworks. ...
  • Clear Understanding of UI/UX Design and Principles. ...
  • Programming Knowledge. ...
  • Database Management Knowledge. ...
  • Effective Communication Skills. ...
  • Strong Analytical Thinking.
Jan 10, 2023

What are the disadvantages of low-code development platforms? ›

“Compared with building custom software, the biggest drawback for low-code or no-code platforms is customization,” says Bellay. “When building custom software, developers are only limited by the hardware and the capabilities of the native language. Low-code platforms are much more constrained.

What skills do you need for low-code development? ›

Companies often look for low-code developers with UX / UI experience as well as agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. These professionals must have strong project management and problem-solving skills and also have the ability to communicate and work well with others.

How secure is low-code platform? ›

Handled appropriately, low-code development tools pose no additional security risk over any other platform, system, or development environment.

How many low-code platforms are there? ›

There are 442 Low Code/No-Code platforms.

What is benefit of low-code platform? ›

The biggest advantage of low-code platforms is that they enable IT teams to build new apps and processes without much research and also cut down the need to write codes from scratch. There's never a bad time to consider a low-code platform, but here are some common scenarios when most companies make the switch.

What is low-code example? ›

Low Code Use Cases

These include tools such as drag-and-drop interfaces. These allow citizen developers to build sites customisable for multiple devices from a single platform. Low-code application examples include Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and Weebly.

Is low-code difficult? ›

Yes, a low code application, like all applications, can become complex, and requires the use of simplification techniques to reduce complexity.

Why not to use low-code? ›

Lack of Flexibility and Customization

The most common problem with no or low code platforms is that, for more complex use cases, they are too rigid and restrictive to produce the desired results. No code platforms work by locking certain blocks of code into visual components that a business user can manipulate.

Is Azure a low-code platform? ›

Power Apps on Azure

Use a low-code platform to quickly build apps that seamlessly work with Azure services.

Does anyone still use SharePoint? ›

According to Microsoft, more than 200,000 organisations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management. With SharePoint, you can create a central information hub for your business, so everyone can tap into the same documents and resources. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Is SharePoint obsolete? ›

SharePoint 2013 extended support ends April 11, 2023. SharePoint 2016 and 2019 extended support ends July 14, 2026.

Is low-code SAAS or PaaS? ›

Low-code and no-code automation

LCAPs are typically available as cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions.

What are the top 3 riskiest misconfigurations on the Salesforce platform? ›

When looking at the impact of a simple checkmark, these are the top three riskiest misconfigurations on the Salesforce platform: Modify All Data (MAD) and View All Data (VAD), Sharing & Sharing Groups and Running Apex code without the “runAs” method.

What code is Salesforce built on? ›

Salesforce Developers will typically use two programming languages: Apex and Javascript.

Does the government use ServiceNow? ›

ServiceNow helps government agencies simplify and strengthen their IT workflows.

What software is similar to ServiceNow? ›

Top ServiceNow Alternatives
  • BMC.
  • Microsoft.
  • IBM.
  • Atlassian.
  • Broadcom.
  • SAP.
  • SolarWinds.
  • Ivanti.

What are the four key ServiceNow platform capabilities? ›

  • Software Asset Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Cloud Insights.

Can a user use Teams without a license? ›

If you don't have Microsoft 365 and you don't use a business or school account, you can get a basic version of Microsoft Teams. All you need is a Microsoft account. To get a basic free version of Microsoft Teams: Make sure you have a Microsoft account.

Can you host a Teams meeting without an account? ›

You can join a Teams meeting anytime, from any device, whether or not you have a Teams account. If you don't have an account, follow these steps to join as a guest. 1. Go to the meeting invite and select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Can I join Teams meeting without login? ›

Join by link

If you don't have a Teams account and the organizer has allowed it, you may have the option to enter your name to join the meeting. If you do have a Teams account, select Sign in to join with access to the meeting chat and more.

Why is Teams asking for a code? ›

Generally “code to join team” option we use when Team owner generate code for Teams and share it to members. In such situation user have already Teams app access and need to go to “Join or create a team” and add code to Join it. User need to contact Team owner for this code.

Is Microsoft Teams being discontinued? ›

After April 12, 2023, Microsoft is retiring Microsoft Teams Free (classic), the legacy free Teams app for business. Microsoft is making this change to invest in a single free Teams experience across the personal and small business.

Do all product managers need to code? ›

And this is the reason why so many aspiring product managers ask the question and get confused. However, the answer is simple. Product managers don't need to know how to code. They can still do their job well.

What is low-code or no-code workflow? ›

Low-code/no-code technology helps organizations of any size automate routine workflows using resources at hand. Further deployment of cloud technology with developer environments will allow organizations to address talent shortages, while also providing employees with training possibilities and support.

Is low-code a good career? ›

Low-code developers report higher job satisfaction.

They're also more satisfied with the programming projects they get to work on, and say they have more opportunities to focus on innovative and mission-critical work: 42% of low-code users vs. 31% of high-code users say they are “highly satisfied” with their jobs.

Is low-code easy to learn? ›

Because low-code assumes no coding experience, almost anyone can learn to use a low-code platform. Capabilities like component drag and drop, guided process modeling, and user interface templates help users visualize and build applications.

What is the limitation of low-code? ›

The most common low-code limitation is a presumptive application structure. Almost all low-code tools have a limited number of application types, such as select-and-report, summarize-and-report or match-and-process. The low-code developer can then fill in details for the selected model.

What kind of projects are not good fits for low code development? ›

Large or x-large apps can be as complex to build in a low-code platform compared to scratch. The fact that large projects require additional critical stages such as discovery session, design, development, testing, deployment, you won't be able to remove this software development process using a low code platform.

What are the pros and cons of low code development platforms? ›

Pros and Cons of Low-Code Technology Today
  • Low-code vs No-code Platforms. ...
  • Expediting the Development Process. ...
  • Startup and Small Business Friendly. ...
  • Bring More Power to Business Users. ...
  • Skipping Checks and Balances During Production. ...
  • Security Risks. ...
  • Less Ability to Add Custom Code. ...
  • It's Not Easy as Pie.
Oct 28, 2022

What are the basics of low-code? ›

What is Low-Code? Low-code is a software development approach that requires little to no coding to build applications and processes. Instead of using complex programming languages, you can employ visual interfaces with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities in a low-code development platform.

How can a beginner improve coding skills? ›

How to improve coding skills?
  1. Be willing to learn new things. ...
  2. Learn the underlying concept and not the specific tool. ...
  3. Try different methods for learning how to code. ...
  4. Focus on one tech stack and master it. ...
  5. Review code by other developers. ...
  6. Practise continuously. ...
  7. Perform refactoring regularly. ...
  8. Get feedback from others.
Apr 8, 2023

Is it worth learning low-code? ›

Developers typically benefit from low-code tools because it increases the amount of high-value work they can do. This is not only better for the organization, but it's better for developers too.

How many low-code no-code platforms are there? ›

There are 442 Low Code/No-Code platforms

The distribution is a bit more diverse when it comes to No-Code Platforms, although the top 10 countries are very similar to the prior data.

Are no-code platforms good? ›

No-code tools are the software solutions that enable you to build applications without writing any code. One of the most significant benefits of low-code no-code platforms is that they enable business users aka citizen developers to use the drag-and-drop and pick-and-select functionality to build applications.

What is the average salary of a low-code developer? ›

$79,243. The estimated total pay for a Low Code Developer is $79,243 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $72,989 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

What are the no-code trends for 2023? ›

No-code, low-code trends for 2023 are likely to include more integration with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of things (IoT), making these complex technologies more accessible to non-technical users.

How much does a low-code developer make? ›

The salaries for jobs in low code no code vary depending on the level of experience and the specific job title. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a low code developer in the US is around $85,000 per year, while the average salary for a no code developer is around $90,000 per year.

Is no-code difficult? ›

Not an easy learning curve

No code platforms are best suited for applications that aren't extremely complex in nature. While they are extremely well suited for MVP to small-scale applications, building a full-fledged application from scratch requires a significant learning curve.

Will no-code replace software engineers? ›

These tools are getting better, but they won't replace developers any time soon. Tatum Hunter is a former Built In associate editor covering software engineering, design and UX, and software sales.


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