Christopher J. Nassetta*


president and CEO

Christopher J. Nassetta is President and CEO of Hilton. He joined the company in 2007.

Previously, Mr. Nassetta was President and CEO of Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc., a position he has held since 2000. He joined Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. in 1995 as Executive Vice President and was elected Chief Operating Officer at 1997.

Prior to joining Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc., Mr. Nassetta co-founded Bailey Capital Corporation in 1991, where he was responsible for the operations of the real estate investment and advisory firm. Prior to founding Bailey Capital Corporation, he worked for The Oliver Carr Company for seven years, most recently as Director of Development. In this role, he was responsible for all development and related activities for one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Mr. Nassetta is a member of various boards and organizations, including:

  • World Travel & Tourism Council – Former President of the organization that works to raise awareness of travel and tourism as one of the world's largest industries.
  • Grupo CoStar, Inc. - Independent Director of the main provider of electronic information on commercial real estate in the country.
  • Federal Councilor – Member of the non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to the improvement of the country's capital.
  • The Economic Club of Washington, D.C. – Member of the non-profit organization that fosters collaboration between business leaders, government officials and members of the diplomatic corps, creating a forum for them to express their opinions on today's most important economic issues.
  • Arlington Free Clinic – Supporters of volunteer-run, community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-income, uninsured county residents with access to quality health care services.
  • The Real Estate Roundtable - Past President and Member of the organization that brings together executives from the nation's leading public and private real estate, development, lending and management companies with executives from the leading national real estate trade associations to engage with the major national real estate associations. real estate issues and macroeconomic policy.

Mr. Nassetta graduated from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce with a bachelor's degree in finance. He currently serves on the advisory board for the McIntire School of Commerce.

Cristina Campbell*


General Counsel and ESG Director

Kristin Campbell is Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Head of ESG at Hilton. She joined the firm in June 2011 and leads the firm's global legal, compliance, government affairs and ESG functions.

At Hilton, Ms. Campbell is responsible for US domestic and international corporate governance and advisory, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, litigation, labor and employment. industry relations and policy engagement, he also oversees Hilton's global environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts.

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Prior to joining Hilton, Ms. Campbell was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Staples, Inc., an international office products company. Prior to joining Staples, Inc. in 1993, Ms. Campbell worked at the law firms of Goodwin Proctor and Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster.

Ms. Campbell is a member of the board of directors of Office Depot, Inc., a publicly traded US business and technology services provider. She has also served on the boards of several non-profit and commercial organizations, including the Vital Voices Global Partnership, and currently serves on the New Perimeter Advisory Board.

Laura Fuentes*


Executive Vice President and Director of Human Resources

Laura Fuentes was named Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer in 2020. She joined Hilton in 2013 and has led teams in a variety of personal roles including Recruitment, Diversity & Inclusion, Learning & Leadership Development, Total Rewards, Business Analytics and People Strategy and HR Consulting. Most recently, she served as the Director of Talent.

Prior to joining Hilton, Laura spent 6 years at Capital One Financial in a variety of corporate strategy and human resources roles: people analysis, recruiting, and compensation roles for the company. Prior to Capital One, he worked at McKinsey & Company in its Madrid, New York, and Washington D.C. offices, serving clients in the financial services and nonprofit sectors.

Laura represents Hilton on the board of directors for MAKERS Women and is also a member of the board of directors for Make-a-Wish Mid-Atlantic and Arlington Free Clinic. Originally from Spain, she has a B.S. from the University of Virginia, an M.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.B.A. from Columbia University. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, Will Meyer, and her two sons, Alex and Nico.

Danny Hughes


Danny Hughes, Executive Vice President and President of the Americas

Danny Hughes is President of Hilton Americas and works from the company's world headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

In that role, Mr. Hughes is responsible for Hilton's interests in the company's largest region, which includes approximately 5,830 hotels, 18 brands and 30 countries in the Americas. He is directly responsible for hotel operations and coordinating functional leaders in development, brand management, revenue generation, human resources, communications, finance and owner relations in the region.

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A 35-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Mr. Hughes has developed a deep understanding of the region and the business functions that support it. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Americas, where he led more than 4,000 team members and led the growth of Hilton's portfolio of industry-leading brands. His leadership has been instrumental in strengthening the company's revenue and distribution strategies while delivering exceptional experiences to Hilton guests.

Mr. Hughes also previously served as Senior Vice President for the Caribbean and Latin America, where he was responsible for the operations of all Hilton-managed hotels in the region. Previously, he served as Area Vice President for the Caribbean, Central America and Cancun and held various management positions with Hilton around the world.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors and the HotelPAC Advisory Committee of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the D.C. Board of Directors. Policy Center and member of the United States Corporate Graduate Employment Board.

Mr. Hughes has a BA in Hospitality and Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University, UK. He currently resides in Vienna, Virginia.

Kevin J. Jacobs*


Chief Financial Officer and President, Global Development

Kevin Jacobs is Hilton's Chief Financial Officer and President of Global Development, leading the company's finance, real estate, development, architecture and construction functions worldwide. Mr. Jacobs joined the company in 2008 as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy; he was elected Treasurer in 2009; he was named executive vice president and chief of staff in 2012; he took over as CFO in 2013; and added the role of President of Global Development in 2020.

Prior to Hilton, Mr. Jacobs was Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions and Treasurer for Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. Prior to Fairmont Raffles, Mr. Jacobs spent seven years with Host Hotels & Resorts, most recently as Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations. Before the host, Mr. Jacobs has held various positions in PwC's hospitality consulting practice and in Cushman & Wakefield's hospitality assessment group.

Mr. Jacobs serves on the board of directors of Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc., a triple net equity (NYSE: OHI) REIT that provides financing and capital to support the goals of quality care facilities and assisted living facility operators. He is also a trustee of Cornell University and a member of the Dean's Advisory Board of the Cornell University School of Hotel Management, vice chair of the Board of Trustees and Treasurer of Greater Washington Goodwill, trustee and member of the City Executive Committee Federal. He boards and serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Kevin ist Absolvent der Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Mateus W. Schuyler*


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Brand and Communication Director

Matthew W. Schuyler is Hilton's Director of Brand and Communications. He is responsible for positioning the company's portfolio of 18 world-class brands across 6,400 properties worldwide. In that role, Mr. Schuyler focuses on delivering high-quality, consistent, distinctive brand experiences that delight customers and generate returns for owners. His organization includes the Hilton brand and owner support functions, Hilton's supply management organization and the global communications function.

Prior to this role, Mr. Schuyler most recently served as Managing Director and, prior to that, for 11 years as Director of Human Resources, where he led Hilton's global human resources organization. During his 12 years at Hilton, Mr. Schuyler advanced Hilton's position as one of the best places to work in the world and earned him worldwide recognition, including being ranked No. 1 in the company's culture and diversity programs.

Mr. Schuyler's leadership experience spans a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, and professional services. He was the Director of Human Resources at Capital One, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Cisco Systems, Inc., and a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the global human resources group.

He has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Penn State University. Mr. Schuyler serves as Chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees.

Cris Silkock*


Executive Vice President and Commercial Director

Chris Silkock is Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Hilton. He leads the company's global business team, which includes sales, revenue management, distribution, company data and analytics, marketing and customer retention, loyalty and partnerships.

Mr. Silcock brings more than 20 years of experience at Hilton, crediting him with leading the company's global sales modernization process and transforming revenue management into a data-driven discipline that delivers consistent and meaningful market performance. Mr. Silcock also founded Hilton's core enterprise data and analytics team, bringing advanced analytics to the forefront of real-time decision making.

Prior to this role, Mr. Silcock has held various positions with the company, including head of online and regional marketing and revenue management and vice president of revenue management. He has also held various regional sales and project positions throughout the company, as well as various positions on company properties. Mr. Silcock began his career at the Hilton as a catering and banquet server.hilton watford.

In addition to his time at Hilton, Mr. Silcock has worked as a consultant to various hotel companies, including major international chains, as well as smaller operators and independent hotels throughout Europe. He currently serves on the board of Groups360, a leading online meeting marketplace; Previously, he served on the board of directors of Roomkey, a joint venture of six global hotel companies, including two years as CEO. Mr. Silcock has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Essex and studied music before his career in hospitality.

Simon Vincent


Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Simon Vincent is Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Hilton. Based in London, Mr. Vincent is responsible for nearly 300 hotels across six brands with more than 47,000 team members in 49 countries.

Since joining the company in 2007, Vincent has overseen more than 100 hotel openings and driven the growth of the multi-brand offering which, along with the flagship brand Hilton Hotels & Resorts, includes Hampton by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn and DoubleTree by Hilton. .

Vincent has been in the travel and leisure industry for 20 years and was CEO of Opodo, the pan-European online travel agency. He also worked for the Thomas Cook Group for 13 years, most recently as Director of Operations for the UK Travel Division.

Vincent has extensive international experience, having held various pan-European roles and has also worked in North America and Japan. He spent the early part of his career in International Banking at HSBC.

Mr. Vincent is president of the Hilton at Community Foundation, president of the Hospitality Guild, and also a trustee of Jigsaw School, an independent school for children with autism.

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alan watt


Executive Vice President and President, Asia Pacific

Alan Watts is President of Hilton Asia Pacific. He oversees the operations of more than 200 commercial hotels in Asia Pacific, as well as the company's project portfolio of more than 400 hotels in the region.

Tasked with positioning Hilton's portfolio of brands as best-in-class in Asia Pacific, Alan leads the company's strategy to grow market share and continue to deliver excellence to hotel owners and investors. At the same time, he continues to drive excellence in operations, develop his future talent, and be an employer of choice.

Alan joined Hilton in January 2018 after a 20-year career at IHG, where he was most recently Chief Operating Officer for IHG's Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region. He was responsible for the company's operations of 290 hotels across six brands and 40 countries and territories, including the execution of the group's broad portfolio of projects and brand launches.

Alan was born in New Zealand, lives in Singapore, is married with two daughters.


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