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Twitter. PayPal. Cluster.

Do you know these companies?

Each of these pages started as ideas that becamebusiness projects.

Projects are used when a group of people need to organize work for a specific purpose.If you work in constructionFor example, you might be working on a project to create a library. (a library withlots of useful business books inside, We hope!)

Projects can also involve solving a problem,business relationshipÖmake a presentation. You can be put into a project to buy a new computer system or launch (launch) a new product.

but if it isa great business projector a smallClear communication is important for success. Twitter wouldn't exist today if the people working on this project couldn't understand phrases like "contribute" and "meet the deadline."

Happy,There are many common business phrasesIt is used when talking about projects. Here are 30 words and phrases to help you communicate effectively when working on business projects.

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project group

AequipmentIt's a group of people working together, sometimes on a project. For a successful project you need to be a team player and be able to communicate well. The following sentences will help you with this.

1. Build a team

Meaning: Gather a group of people to work on the project

example sentence: The first thing a project manager does isform a teamof the team best suited to the project.

2. Meet

Meaning: Band together to work as a team

example sentence: In a large project it may sometimes be necessarygetting togetherother companies.

3. Collaborate

Meaning: Participate in and help with a job or project

example sentence: A strong team is needed for the success of the project. everyone will have topasoyour ideas Each team member must share five ideas at the Monday meeting.

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4. Start over

Meaning: start over

example sentence: since we will bestart from the beginningIn this project we will make the plans that we follow.

5. Define the phases

Meaning: To divide the project into smaller parts or phases.

APractice methods exercisesit is part of a series of actions or events. For example, in a library project, the design phase comes before the build phase.

example sentence: We have to wait for the project teamDefine phasesbefore we can go to work.

6. Set deadlines

Meaning: Specify the dates by which an order must be completed

Alast termis a date or time when the completed work is due, anddefinemeans "to do" in this sentence.

example sentence: We haveset deadlinesfor each phase except the design phase. Does anyone know how long the drawing takes?

project start

You may hear the following phrases at the beginning of your business venture.

7. Give him the green light

Meaning: To give the start signal

Think of it like a traffic light turning green while driving. What to do when the traffic light is green? That's right, green means go. This expression means you can go ahead and start the project now.

example sentence: We cannot start the project before managementto give green light.

8. Home

Meaning: To officially start the project

This expression is also used in sports. In football and soccer the game goesStart(Start) when a player kicks the ball to start the game.

example sentence: As soonStartthe project, we will be very busy.


Project teams need to meet frequently, sometimes daily. The following phrases will help you talk about meetings.


Meaning: meeting to talk

meetis commonly used forshort, informal meetings with a small group of people. It is often used with prepositions like "in", "in" and "with" to say where, at what time or with whom you will meet.

Example sentences:

Since we have some issues to discuss, let'smeetShemy office.
(meetShe+ [where] = reports the location)

Please tell everyonemeetNO15:00 Hallo.
(meetNO+ [when] = says when)

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The project manager wantsmeetcomthe finance team.
(meetcom+ [who] = says which people)

10Do you know the delivery time

Meaning: Complete the work within the agreed timeframe

while you canmeetWe also use the verb "to meet" with deadlines for new people.For meet the deadlineThat means you will complete the task on time. Suppose you have to submit your application by Friday 3:00 p.m. M. To meet the deadline, submit your application by noon on Friday. If you hand in your application on Friday at 4:00 p.m. m., you missed the deadline (because you were late).

example sentence: We may have to work more hours toDo you know the delivery time.

the plan

Athe planit is a schedule of times and events, but it can also be used as a verb. The verbthe planmeans to schedule a date and time for a specific event. For example, you may need to call your doctor's office every year to make an appointment with the doctor.

11plan a meeting

Meaning: To select a date, time and place to meet another person or group of people.

example sentence:let's goplan a meetingfor this Tuesday to discuss any topic.


Meaning: late, later than expected

If your project was due on Monday but it's now Thursday, it's youAfternoon. The project should be complete now, but you're still working on it.

example sentence: When the project manager hears that the project isAfternoon, she will want to know why.

13ahead of schedule

Meaning: Will be completed early

Imagine today is Monday and your project is due on Friday. If you finish tomorrow Tuesday, you finish early and you're early. Well done!

example sentence: The project manager is happy that the project is runningahead of scheduleand thanked the team for their hard work.

14According to the plan

Meaning: As planned to go

That means you're doing a good job, there are no delays and everything is going according to plan.

example sentence: If the project isaccording to the schedule, you can expect a nice bonus this year.

15.On schedule

Meaning: On time as planned

This phrase means that you will complete every task on time and do not expect any delays.

example sentence: If we can solve all these problems quickly, we still willOn scheduleCompletion of the project by the end of this month.

You will find that the numbers 14 and 15 are very similar. In fact, you can use either phrase in many situations and the meaning is the same. but can you hearAccording to the schedule"more common when dealing with a list of times, such as B. Bus time, train time or class time.

monitoring: In sentences 12-15 above the wordthe planIt cannot be used in the plural because it is part of a specific sentence.

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as a nounA planomeans an organized series of actions that you want to take in order to achieve something. The verbthe planIt means taking an idea, thinking it through, and organizing what you want to do before acting on it.

sixteen.put a plan into action

Meaning: To use a plan or idea

example sentence: if weput this plan into action, we may need more time and more people.

17plan ahead

Meaning: Think before you act

example sentence: The advice of the project manager isplan aheadso that the project runs smoothly.

18make a plan

Meaning: Find a way to do something

example sentence: How should we promote this new product? come onmake a planNow.

19Stick to the plan

Meaning: Refuse to change your decision no matter what

For example, you and your boyfriend have decided to go to the cinema on Friday night. On Friday afternoon, your friend calls to say that his favorite store is on sale. She asks him if he wants to go shopping. As you wishkeep planwhich means you'll still see the movie.

This is another sentence where the nounplano, cannot be used in the plural. Even if you have big plans, you still have to say: "stick to the plan"don't "stick to plans".

example sentence: Changing the layout now takes a long time. we go aloneStick to the plan.

20check the plan

Meaning: To re-inspect or take a close look at the aircraft

example sentence: If we want to include all these new ideas, we have to do itcheck the plan.


ATaskit's a job given to someone else.

21with the task of

Meaning: Received a task

The verbas homeworkmeans to give someone a task (small task). However, this verb is almost always used in the passive voice with the preposition "with", which looks like this:has/was responsible for.

In this way, the whole phase means getting a task. For example, if today I have a task to call 20 customers, it means that someone else gave me a task to call 20 customers.

example sentence: Your team wasresponsible forFind out why there are so many customer complaints.

22outsource a task

Meaning: Pay another company to do the job

The verbsubcontractmeans sending the company's work to someone outside the company. For example, if you have a small restaurant, you can prepare the food yourselfsubcontractthe desserts are prepared by a local baker.

example sentence: Since the project team is busy, it might be a good ideaoutsource some tasksto another company.

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AGoalIt's something you want to achieve, like a goal. The verbto markit means aiming or planning to achieve something.

23Expected Date

Meaning: The date when something should be completed earlier

example sentence: If we lose themexpected dates, this project will not be completed on time.

24to complete goal

Meaning: Plan to finish

example sentence: Mustto complete goalStage 1 beforethe holidays at the end of the yearwhen most people are on vacation.

25to reach the goal

Meaning: Successfully achieve a goal

example sentence: The project team can expect a free lunch whenhit the targetthis month.


ABudgetIt is an amount of money that you can spend and you decide how to spend it. The verbCreate a budgetit means that you are planning to spend that amount of money for a specific purpose.

26create a budget

Meaning: Making a plan on how much money and how to spend it

example sentence: We needcreate a budgetthis includes the travel expenses of the project team.

27stay within budget

Meaning: Stick to the amount of money you want to use and refuse to spend more

Here is another sentence where the noun,Budget, cannot be used in the plural (prerequisites).

example sentence: The project manager reminded us of thisstay within budget, we must remember to keep costs as low as possible.

28Increases theBudget

Meaning: Add more money to the amount you want to spend

The opposite of this sentence isreduce budget,which means you take out the amount of money you wanted to spend.

example sentence: Management has acceptedincrease the budgetto cover the cost of testing the new car.

end of the project

After all your hard work, the project is almost done. Well done! Here are the final two sets on our list.

29. Close the project

Meaning: To complete the project

example sentence:Okay guys, let's go through all the paperwork and clean up the project room, then we're good to go.Close the project.

30. Sign the project

Meaning: To formally approve the project and accept it as complete

example sentence: Now only remainssign the projectand let the whole project team celebrate.


Now that you've learned these 30 words and phrases, you can start working on your next business project. With such clear communication, you can even work on a project as big as Twitter!

Download:This blog post is available as a convenient, portable PDF that you can take anywhere.Click here for a copy. (Discharge)

Kit Lumis a freelance writer with a Cambridge CELTA certification and a degree in Business Administration. He also teaches English as a second language upon request. He speaks 4.5 languages ​​and is currently learning the fifth.


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  • As reported in/by.
  • In agreement with.
  • On the word of.
  • In consonance with.

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What is the number 1 business language? ›

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What language do rich people speak? ›

Our data revealed that the top languages spoken by billionaires on this list were Chinese, French and Spanish – which is unsurprising, as China is the third largest country in the world. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and worth $67,300,000,000 (£55.8bn) speaks Chinese as his second language.

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  • Hindi – 698 million speakers. ...
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  • French – 284 million speakers. ...
  • Arabic – 273 million speakers. ...
  • Bengali – 265 million inhabitants. ...
  • Russian – 258 million speakers.
Jun 4, 2022


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