26 cool sites with interesting content to visit and stay in 2021 (2023)

Most of us have gone through a phase where we didn't want to leave the house and weren't willing to play outside. At this point in life, all you need is something exciting and happening to set you up. Wouldn't it be amazing to learn and be creative while boredom hits you hard? browse thesecool websitesIf you are bored

If you need some excitement and want to explore the internet, this is a quick fix.25 cool and interesting places to spend time on Google, for children, teenagers and other people who want to use the Internet when they are bored.A remedy for the daily pressures of life, when you need a break from the daily grind or run out of fun and cool things to do, the internet offers countless activities to do that are just a few clicks away.

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Top Cool Websites to Visit in 2021

Suppose you waste time on popular sites and still find yourself in a boring area. Then there are some otherscool websitesto waste time! Does it sound interesting to have something different from the same old social media platforms to kill time on? So, here is a list of great websites that you can get hooked on the next time you get bored.

observation: The sites are not in any order of popularity, instead we list these great sites in random order...

1. Bored Panda

bored pandais a website that mainly focuses on fun content. Today's young generation loves humorous content and enjoys reading memes and things that tickle the funny bone. You can find content in Comics, Quadrupeds, which is animal content, and photography.

Link to site-https://www.boredpanda.com/

2. instructables

The coolest website that makes it easy to learn how to do everything step by step. If you are interested in DIY projects, try to make some cool projects. Each category contains step by step instructions on how to complete the task. Over the years the site has grown with amazing content that you can create yourself.

link to sitehttps://www.instructables.com/

3. The games room has Internet

On this free site you will find over 17,000 video games from the 70s to the 90s that you can legally play. The website is very easy to understand.

If you click on the game you want to play, you will find a brief description of what the game is and how to play it, with instructions on the controls and buttons. Isn't it amazing to have a website with old games? The Internet takes you down the alleys of the ages.

link to sitehttps://archive.org/detalles/internetarcade

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4. Oddee – Kabelgebundenes Internet

If you are more fascinated by weird and wacky things, Oddee is for you. It is a site made up of three categories: News, where you can find the latest articles from around the world.

The second is the weird story with some weird stories to read and the third is the numbered lists with some weird pictures and facts that can snap you out of your boredom and make you think how weird the world can be.

link to sitehttps://www.oddee.com/

5. The return machine

We often want to look at something to see what it was like in the past, for example what exactly the Fox New website was saying in 2013. This can be seen using Archive.org's The Wayback Machine page, which allows a search box to discover the old user interface of your favorite website or select popular from the scrolling thumbnails.

link to sitehttps://archive.org/web/

6. Ancient History Encyclopedia - cool site for kids

If you are interested in the events of the past, you will surely want to visit this site with your children, which offers a wide range of information on historical facts.

link to sitehttps://www.antiguo.eu/

7. A good movie to watch

What can be more comforting than finding an exciting movie? A Good Movie to Watch is one of the most recommended movie suggestion sites. Which now also offers series and web shows. Cool site to find good movies at once.

It's a fantastic website for finding highly rated hidden gems with options to filter your platforms to watch these movies and shows.

link to sitehttps://agoodmovietowatch.com/

8. 16 personalities

Sixteen personalities is a hit when it comes to self-diagnosis. It's great to get to know and hear yourself. 16 Personalities takes you through tests and finally lets you know which personality suits you best.

When you are done with the test, ask some serious questions and also mark the depth of your answers. The final results after taking the test come with an incredibly accurate personality check. You must try the website currently available in 37 languages.

link to sitehttps://www.16personalidades.com/

9. Fun fluffy attack

We all love to see the cute little animals. Attack of the Cute is a website that manages to surprise its viewers with posts and photos of cute pets. Different types of animals and their adorable images. When you visit this website, these nice photos of friends will make you feel good.

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link to sitehttp://atackofthecute.com/

10. Publish Secret

PostSecret is a site full of secrets to read. This site is fascinating and a lot of fun to navigate. Provide you with postcards to anonymously write your secret. You can also prepare other postcards for fun.

Link to site- https://postsecret.com/

11. Patatap

An interesting place to visit when you're bored is Patatap, where typing is fun when the keys make a soothing sound. You will find the sounds of writing paragraphs funny and somehow also cool and relaxing.

Link to site- https://patatap.com/

12. Quick Serve

One of the best sites to kill time is Quickdraw. Provides a flat surface to draw the above and earn points. The level increases as you accumulate points. It is fun and joy. Any age group can try this fun and easy to use site to pass the time with a bit of primal imagination and a desire to draw.

link to sitehttps://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/

13. interesting things

Do you want to try some interesting things? CoolThings website is here to help you with any entertainment, device or invention on a website.

Nice people will surely want to visit this site and take a tour of these fun things. CoolThings is alegal sitewith special categories for men and women who propose gifts. Isn't it a relief when you want to gift someone? A unique idea is one click away.

link to site– https://www.coolthings.com/

14. Big Thought

The best thing about Big Think is that it allows you to go crazy with amazing things from amazing minds all over the world. You can even learn from the mistakes of others and their success stories. It's a great place to meet people about how they became successful in life.

It is very useful for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and start their own business or anyone who is trying to be successful in any field.

link to sitehttps://bigthink.com/

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15. How things work – informative

This site provides information on various topics to tell the world how they work. From animals, everyday things that we use in our life, entertainment to technology, everything is included to not only spend your time on this cool site, but also gain a lot of knowledge at the same time.

Link to site-https://www.howstuffworks.com/

16. Akinator

Well, this site is magical, or seems to be. Here you can think of any character from around the world, and various questions will give you the real name of each person or character you have thought of. How cool is that?

link to sitehttps://en.akinator.com/theme-selection

17. Supercocinero

Eating can help cheer you up. But what if you don't have a fantastic good recipe to make your stomach cry?

Here you go, SuperCook is here to help you with the must try recipes to get rid of the boring zone. It's much better to kill time cooking. You can eat and pass the time while cooking delicious food. It is easy to cook when guided. Processed foods from simple to hard, fast to slow, all kinds of dishes worth trying.

link to sitehttps://www.supercook.com

18. BuzzFeed - Amazing Data

Laughter heals! Why not go to BuzzFeed and enjoy? Popular with today's young generation, BuzzFeed offers fun articles and digital show content. Buzzfeed also has these quizzes to pass the time effectively. It has those easy to read numbered lists, gifs, and funny Photoshop content that will keep you laughing every time.

link to sitehttps://www.buzzfeed.com/

19. Guess Geo

A cool game. Geo Guessr is a game where you have to find yourself at a random point in the game and then mark the exact location on the map or the nearest place to earn points.

You can even adapt it to your known places, e.g. B. Europe or other regions. But to really enjoy it, you need to play the global version. Good luck on the trip.

Link to site-https://www.geoguessr.com/

20. Increase life

Making life better is what we are all trying to do. Level Up Life is a great site to prepare for your remaining work. People trust this site, a great way to get things done on time. Great boot, right? For better life and time management, you can try to maintain good habits.

link to site– https://lvluplife.com/

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21. WikiHow - for kids and adults

WikiHow has the answers to all your questions. From food and sports to history and geography, all questions are answered here. It's not just wow!!! You can also find answers to other people's questions. You learn DIY things. All you need is WikiHow.

link to sitehttps://www.wikihow.com/Hauptseite

22. 29a.ch

This is a very interactive page where you can choose your preferred color to form your galaxy. In fact, it feels like you are creating universes. This game of colors is essential to relax the mood. You can delete your work, tweet it and share your creativity with your friends or social networks. It's so fun. Drag color and paint your galaxy; It is too easy.

link to site– https://29a.ch/

23. Dive into space with 100,000 stars

If you are a fan of the sun, moon, stars and beyond, this is for you. Of the other great sites, you will love this one.since it guides you through the information of different celestial bodies. Maybe we can call them aliens too! This will be the most beautiful website you have ever visited. The experience is simply fascinating. You can simply drag the bar up and down depending on where in the galaxy you want to explore.

link to sitehttps://stars.chromeexperiments.com/

24. My food in the fridge

When you are away from home, you miss food more. When you have something to eat and want to kill time, My Fridge Food allows you to prepare food with the ingredients you have in your fridge. Just list the ingredients on your fridge and it will show you recipes to try. To save your stomach from boredom, you can carry the Internet inside of you, right? This is an interesting and profitable website for college students who do not live at home.

link to sitehttps://myfridgefood.com/

25. Is it normal?

It's a good habit to take the time to analyze your actions, they say. It is normal? It is a website where you can write your questions, questions about your past life that you still feel like you missed things, did some embarrassing things and now you want to get rid of thinking about it. This site helps you to solve your problem where it works as an organization, people help each other for free. Let's say free online therapy. Sharing is caring, you know. You never know you might find relief here from your muddled thought processes.

link to sitehttps://www.isitnormal.com/

26. Wait, but why?

Don't go by name, the content on this cool site is really cool the way they are presented. Even some boring themes are presented in a very fun and interactive way.

Link to the site: https://esperarporque.com/

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Conclusion - legal sites

The outbreak of the pandemic made us think of such remarkable moments when we don't know how to use our free time. It is the discomfort of loneliness that makes us long for an external source of happiness. We don't realize that we can have more fun if we learn to have fun ourselves. The Internet is full of interesting things and these are just a few drops, there is much more to do, if you know of an interesting site let us know. The comments section is all yours…


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