CONTENTS GET THE BEST FROM THE GUIDE Start with the Home Facts section. This section should help you determine what type of apartment you would like to live in and how much you should expect to pay. Our facts about renting apartments. Read about the different neighborhoods and narrow your search to the parts of the city you like best. , with the highest rating) that are most important to you. 8 Fitler Square Visit VeryApt.com to read reviews, find prices and make appointments at 9 Logan Square for the apartments you love most. 10 Graduate Hospital12 FACT TABLE ABOUT THE FACTS IN THIS GUIDE Compiled from Wharton MBA student reviews All information in this guide is based on Wharton MBA student feedback. We asked students to rate their apartments on a scale of 1-10 in six categories: 16 APARTMENT RATINGS Best Apartments, based on feedback from Wharton MBA students 16 Most Popular 18 Top Rated 20 Best for Families 22 Best for Services Total Value Management 24 Best for Value 25 Best for Real Estate 26 Best for Pet Owners28 OWNERS Owner Reviews & Management Amenities Location Security Businesses Based on your feedback, we've compiled a list of some of the best apartment buildings for Wharton MBA students. If you are interested in additional information not included in the guide or if you have a question about the property, please contact us at contact@veryapt.com. DISCLAIMER: The ratings and reviews in the VeryApt guide and website do not reflect the opinions, position or endorsement of VeryApt. The answers and ratings presented are solely the answers of the respondents. VeryApt assumes no responsibility for the interpretation of data by readers or users. The results are in no way a guarantee or representation by VeryApt of the quality, safety or other characteristics of the property. We recommend that you consult all available sources of real estate information before renting a property.

Start your apartment search today! Visit VeryApt.com to read reviews, find prices, and make appointments for the apartments you love. Julia Rizio General Concierge, Philadelphia Call/text us at (215) 234-1719 and you will be connected directly to a concierge juliar@veryapt.com who will guide you through the rental process. 1 60-90 days 2 before move-in date Use our personalized search Read tenant reviews and our VeryApt apartment search algorithm makes it easy for neighborhood guides to find the perfect apartment and refine your search by simply reading the apartment. You want to live in a building with fitness reviews from real tenants and explore our downtown area, located in a vibrant neighborhood, neighborhood guides. Check out our 20 minute bike tour of selected "Signature Spots" to get an idea of ​​your office. No problem! VeryApt's next custom apartment and neighborhood search will explore thousands of available neighborhoods. rentals to find the perfect place to call home. 45-60 days before the move-in date 3 Contact the VeryApt concierge team 4 30-45 days Send questions about your preferred apartments before the move-in date and you will be quickly connected to the VeryApt concierge team Sign your rental agreement. They will send you after you find your perfect place, request availability, answer your questions and even find your next apartment and rent online, make additional recommendations. Once everyone, guided by their VeryApt, has a shortlist, we take care of scheduling the porter. Your tour and transportation from the first to the last stop. 5 15-30 days Find VeryApt before move-in date Get ready to move into the perfect apartment Your VeryApt concierge will get you ready to move in. We explored the wind. Best of all, everything, including renter's insurance, is always free for parking permits, moves, furniture rentals, and more! tenant! 3

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Tenants Excellent service! LOVE They made it so easy for me to look for an apartment. Website with each apartment. I chose the places I was interested in and they planned all my tours. They have made it very easy. - MATTHEW A. VeryApt The easiest app to use real testimonials from our users The easiest app to use and also the most useful app Takes the best customer service from the good team behind the product. I had a very specific requirement in the real estate category on TrustPilot 9.8/10 (162 reviews) and Rebecca was able to help me find something that fits my needs in record time. Best. Stuff. Ever. - LUIS V. Honestly, if there were 6 stars, I'd give VeryApt 6 stars. I cannot describe how easy VeryApt made my apartment search. The level of service provided by VeryApt is excellent. The Great Experience from Start to Finish website offers tons of information and tools you can use to narrow your search. During the first contact, Julia took me through everything basic and great. You can also talk to someone about the requirements I had for a location and list what can help narrow it down even further, then list the locations that matched my preferences perfectly. See Julia (and VeryApt as a whole) were extremely flexible apartments. Very helpful to have someone with me based on my scheduling constraints and changes in preferences, knowledge of the rental process and he scheduled all the tours so I just had to show up and focus on my future home. Julia your name. If I ever move again I will be sure to use the wonderful help in answering (and asking questions) relevant VeryApt and I will absolutely recommend him to anyone who has any questions while touring and I have kept up to date with my search for an apartment. throughout the process. Even after I submitted my application, VeryApt contacted me to make sure JEREMY T. was okay (and also gave me a helpful move-in guide). I would definitely use it again! - JEFF H. I recommend this website 100%. The attention was always perfect. They answered all my questions at any time, even if it was very late, and always treated me like a friend, in a very professional manner. My agent even showed me VISITApartments via Facetime when I couldn't come and see in person. They also respected me and VERYAPT.COM made my first experience of leaving my home easy! I will always be grateful. CALL OR TEXT YOUR CONCIERGE TEAM: MICHELLE G. (215) 234-1719 4

Where Wharton MBA students live Who Wharton MBA students live with 50% Rittenhouse Square 45% Solo 30% Fitler Square 25% Spouse/Partner 10% Logan Square 30% Roommate 5% Graduate Hospital (excluding spouse/5% other partner) 7 % Wharton MBA students live with pets 3% of Wharton MBA students have children What kind of real estate? What are the dimensions of the apartments? -9 units) 25% Two Bedrooms 5% Average Ownership 15% Three or More (20-49 Units) Bedrooms Property Valuation Distribution Average Rent by Unit Size $1,705 Studio $1,980 1BR $2,730 2BR 15% 20% 35% 30 % $3,900 3BR 0 - 6.9 7 - 7.9 8 - 8.9 9+Rent versus own travel methods 97% Rent 3% Own 50% 30% 10% 10% On foot Public transport Bicycle Shared transport 5

NEIGHBORHOODS EXPLAINED Overview of the most popular neighborhoods for Wharton MBA students 1 Rittenhouse Square 2 Fitler Square Other neighborhoods 50% Wharton MBA students 30% Wharton MBA students Less than 5% of every home in any part of town Fitler Square is a quirky near 5 Fairmount best restaurants, shopping and nightlife. full of fine old world charm. It's The neighborhood has luxury high-rises that are part of a larger area, mostly with great park views and known as 'Schuylkill', which is also 6 Chinatown and has quick access to popular public transportation. consisting of Devil's Pocket and Grays Ferry. 7 Bella Vista 3 Logan Square 4 Graduate Hosptial 8 Point Breeze 10% Wharton MBA students 5% Wharton MBA students Corporate offices and historic buildings, single-family homes occupy Graduate, including City Hall, located throughout Logan Hospital. Emerging square. While this neighborhood is a neighborhood, the Graduate Hospital is a business center. The broad streets also mix established establishments and attract city events as well as trendy newcomers. The Fourth of July South Street Philadelphia Marathon continues to attract the most action, concerts. the accumulation of restaurants and bars that add to the cool atmosphere of this district. 6

Rittenhouse Square Luxury real estate in the heart of downtown ABOUT RITTENHOUSE SQUARE Located in the heart of downtown, Rittenhouse Square is home to some of the city's finest dining, shopping, and entertainment. The neighborhood has tall buildings with great views of the park, as well as quick access to public transportation. Incredible Charm Independent Restaurants Central Location Top Values ​​Great Access to Public Transportation AVERAGE RENT IN RITTENHOUSE SQUARE $1,500 $1,900 $2,550 Studio 1 Bed 2 Beds WHAT RESIDENTS THINK OF RITTENHOUSE SQUARE  Rated by MBA Student  TOWNHOUSE A APARTMENTS. Reviewed by MBA Student  1527 SPRUE STRittenhouse is a great neighborhood to live in because Rittenhouse Sq is the hub of social activities in Wharton, but you are a Wharton student. Not only are most of your friends and consider where you are: classmates on the east side are very close but you can walk to school, there are more shops/restaurants but it is further from campus (20-25 minutes walk ), because like other exciting supermarkets, they seem to be mostly in the northwest of the square, the neighborhood. In addition, many SW is probably the quietest. The south side (and everywhere near the restaurants and bars never seems far from the square) is generally cheaper, quieter, you have to go (although you should!). more residential. 7

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Fitler Square A Quirky Neighborhood Full of Philadelphia Charm ABOUT FITLER SQUARE Located on the Schuylkill River, Fitler Square is a quirky neighborhood full of Philadelphia charm. It is part of a larger area known as the 'Schuylkill' which also includes Devil's Pocket and Grays Ferry. Tenants love this area for its nearby parks and fantastic restaurants. Great Parks Walkable Scenic Prime Joe's Location Public Transportation Very Safe AVERAGE RENTAL IN FITLER SQUARE $1,700 $2,200 $3,050 Studio 1 Bed 2 Bed WHAT RESIDENTS THINK OF FITLER SQUARE  MBA Student Review  RIVER LOFT APTS. MBA Student Review  2205 LOMBARD STFitler Square is mostly behind Riverloft (opposite Walnut). You are really in the center of the city. Fitler Square, outside of the highly commercialized Rittenhouse neighborhood, is a great dog walking, jogging, and plaza area. Fitler Square is one of the nicest places to hang out with a park, cute little restaurants and beautiful neighborhoods in Philly. Great location etc. Likely to appeal more to couples, families and next to starbucks, supermarket, bars and lots of other quiet students. Little content on foot (10 minutes). I'm so happy to be here. I like this neighborhood for its bar scene apart from Pub and Bonners. 8

Logan Square Downtown corporate offices and luxury skyscrapers ABOUT LOGAN SQUARE Corporate offices and historic buildings, including City Hall, line Logan Square. Although the neighborhood is a business center, the wide streets also attract city events such as the Philadelphia Marathon and the 4th of July concert. Great Location Lots of Restaurants and Bars Safe Clean Schuylkill River Trail Streetcar Walkable AVERAGE LOGAN SQUARE RENT $1,450 $1,950 $2,750 Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom WHAT RESIDENTS THINK OF LOGAN SQUARE    Local Rating  21 00 PARKWAY APTS. MBA Student Review  MARKETPLACE 1919 Logan Square is fantastic and ranked as the best. Many Wharton students live in this area, the Loganne neighborhood of Philadelphia. You're walking distance to the Square neighborhood, which is the best neighborhood for me to hang out with two grocery stores (Trader Joe's and Whole Foods) and my classmates. It feels safe and comfortable. You can walk anywhere in the city center in less than 20 minutes. The walk from here to Annenberg takes about 30 minutes. The bike ride lasts 10.9

Graduate Hospital A revitalized neighborhood fast becoming a focal point ABOUT GRADUATE HOSPITAL Graduate Hospital is home to family homes and the neighborhood is considered a mix of established institutions and trendy newcomers. South Street still attracts most of the action, with restaurants and bars piling up adding to the cool vibe. Philly's Best Kept Secret Affordable Very Walkable Friendly People Lots of Families AVERAGE RENT IN GRADUATE HOSPITAL $1,440 $1,770 $2,500 Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom WHAT RESIDENTS THINK ABOUT GRADUATE HOSPITAL       MBA Student Review  NAVAL SQUARE MBA Student Review  SANCTUARY LOFTS The Graduate Hospital area is booming and I love Graduate Hospital, outside of the "Whartongreat spot. Close enough to "Rittenhouse's bubble" it is less than a 10 minute walk from most restaurants , but it also has its own row of restaurants. It's the center of the Wharton housing development and I like to be a bit packed with young professionals, especially doctors. It's away from the big crowd. It's fantastic, very famous. is close to the South Street Bridge, the neighborhood - nice neighbors, good bars and just what I think is safer/easier to bike/walk across the bridge to the supermarket, with more open spaces per minute.It's in University City .Much more convenient to me than Rittenhouse Square, with more affordable housing. 10
APARTMENT KEY Excellent for Category REVIEWS •••• $$$$ $2190+ per renter ••• Excellent $$$ $2040-$2189 •• Average $$ $1800-$2039 • Below Average $ < $1800 *Prices are subject to change and may vary greatly depending on room type Be Be So With 1210 Chestnut Apt 8.3 $$ •• ••• •••• •••• •••• 1213 Walnut Apt 10.0 $$$$ •••• ••• • •• •• •• • • • ••• 1600 Chestnut Apartment $8.3 •••• •• •••• • •• 1613 Spruce Street Apartment $8.0 ••• •• •••• •• ••• 1700 Chestnut Apartment 8.3 $$  • • •• •••• ••• ••• •• 1828 Spruce Street Apt $7.2 •• •• ••• •••• •• 1919 Market Apt 9.0 $$$$  • •• •••• • • •••• ••• 1920 Pine Street Condo 8.0 $$ •• • •••• •••• •• 2040 Market Condos Apt 8.0 $$$  •• •• •• •• ••• • • 2112 Chancellor Street Condo 9.0 $$$$ •• •• ••• •••• •• 2115 Spruce Street Apt 7.5 $$ $  •• • •• ••• •• 2116 Chestnut Apt 8.2 $$$$   •• ••• ••• •••• •• 222 Rittenhouse Apt 8.6 $$$ •• • •• •• •• 2225 Spruce Street Apt $8.0 •• •• •• •• •••• 226 S 21st Street Apt $7.0 •• •• •• ••• ••• 23: A Condominium Apt 8.0 $$$ ••• •• •• • • •••• 2400 Chestnut Apartments Apt $8.2  •• • • ••• ••• ••• ••• 2400 South Apt 8 .2 $$$ •• •• •• •••• • ••• 317-19 S 20th Street Apt $8.0 •••• • • • •• • ••• Arrival University City Apt 8.5 $$$ ••• ••• •••• ••• •• •• Icon Apt 7.4 $$$ • •••• • •••• •• Lippincott Mansion Apt $8.8 •• • •• •••• •••• •• Locust on the Park Apt 8.4 $$$ •• • •••• •• •• •••* * Buildings with less than 3 ratings or ratings below 7 .0 are not listed in this guide, but ratings can be found online at VeryApt.com. 12
CLASIFICACIONES DE LOS APARTAMENTOS s ilie e lar nt typ ts Fam ge me pu Pe yT s anitie Po ge for for er t R g y en l na lue cia st tin fet ce p st Am Mo Ma Pro Pri Va Ra Be Be Be So Sa Naval Condominio Plein 9,8 $$  •••• •••• ••• •••• •••• App. NoordXNoordwest 7,3 $ ••• ••• ••• •••• •• Condominio One Riverside 10,0 $$ $$ •• • •• •• •• Park Towne Place Premier Apt 7,9 $ •• •••• •• • •• •• Rittenhouse Claridge Apt 7,7 $$  ••• ••• •• ••• • • Riverwest Condominiums Condominio 6,7 $ •• •• ••• •• • • The Atlantic Condo 10,0 $$$$ • ••• •••• •••• •• •••• The Beacon Apt 9,2 $$$ $ •••• •••• ••• • •••• ••• De Belgravia Condos Condo 8,5 $ $ ••• ••• ••• •• •••• De Carlyle Apt 7,3 $ • •• •• •• ••• De Dorchester Condo 7,8 $$$$ •• •• •• •• ••• • De Ellington Condo 8,3 $$ ••• •• •••• • •• De Harper Apt 10,0 $ $$ $ •••• •••• •• ••• •••• De Hutton Condo 7,5 $$ $ • •• ••• •• •• De Latham Apt 7,6 $ •••• •• • • • •• ••• The Lofts at 1835 Arch Street Apt 8,6 $$ •••• ••• •• • • ••• The Pepper Building Apt 7,9 $$ •••• ••• ••• •• • •• De Republiek Apt 5,9 $$$$ • •• •• •• •• The Rittenhouse Savoy Condo 7,3 $$ •• •• ••• • •• The Riverloft Apartments Apt 7,8 $$$$ ••• •• • •• •• The Sterling Apartments Apt 8,4 $$$ ••• •••• ••• ••• •• The Wanamaker House Condo 7,7 $ $ •• •• ••• ••• •• The Warwick Condos Condominio 9,0 $$ ••• •••• •••• •• ••• ACERCA DE NUESTRAS CATEGORIE Situación de vivienda Calificaciones Tipo de propiedad Familias Cómo calificaron el edificio los estudiantes con parejas y/o niños. Propietarios de mascotas Cómo calificaron el edificio los estudiantes con mascotas. Eigendom van appartementen (aptos) met een gebouwbeheerder. Een menu do tienen precios/karakteristieken consistent. Gebouwde calidades voor de bouwPropiedades en condominio con multiple propietarios. De eindtermen en karakteristieken van de arrendamiento kunnen verschillende significante kenmerken hebben in de unidad. Gestión del Mantenimiento en calidad del service. Amenidades Karakteristieken van de woning en het gebouw más allá de lo básico. Calificaciones de bouwfactoren van Valor Calidad de constructie van de kosten van het water. Calificación general Commentarios generales sobre la calidad de construcción. Comunidad del edificio social y escena social.Popularidad Número estimados de estudiantes en el edificio. Seguridad Construyendo seguridad in de vecindario. 14
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MOST 1 st 2116 CHESTNUT Fitler Square $$$$ 70+POPULAR PEOPLE Popular Buildings Wharton MB READ MORE REVIEWS ON VERYAPT.COM Wharton MBA Student Review LIVING IN PHILADELPHIA “I love the building. Most of the Wharton community lives there, which is socially convenient. The common areas are great, we host many events there. I highly recommend having words of wisdom from a previous wood floor rather than carpet. All in all a great experience!” WGA President 2. RITTENHOUSE CLARIDGE $$$ 45+ PEOPLE Tell us about the WGA and your role as President. Rittenhouse Square, 201 S 18th St “The Wharton Graduate Association (WGA) is a 100% student organization that directs all student activities and initiatives related to academic, professional and social life in Wharton. The WGA advocates on behalf of the entire Wharton student body, communicates with faculty and administration, and runs a fully independent 501(c)3 organization with an operating budget of more than $5 million. As chairman I lead a team of more than 30 students who work on behalf of the students. I also set strategic goals for the year and lead WGA initiatives. I am extremely excited to welcome our new class!” Wharton MBA Student Review “My roommate and I love this building. The rent is incredible for What do you like most about living in Philadelphia? everything we have. We have a great view of Rittenhouse Square, I love the location, the management/maintenance is “What I like most is how close I live to a lot of my friends. Most Whartons are responsive and friendly, and the facilities on the second floor are excellent. The students of West live in the Rittenhouse district, so in principle they have all signed a lease for 1 year, but we will definitely extend that!” my friends live 10 blocks from me. This makes it easier to socialize and build strong bonds when we are off campus. I also like BYO restaurants and Philly is known for that!” 3rd 1919 MARKET $$$$ 35+ PEOPLE How do you find a roommate? Logan Square “I currently have 2 roommates and I knew them before school. We register together and go in! If it weren't for that, I could have easily found potential roommates for a homecoming weekend or attended the student happy hours in each city (NYC, DC, SF, etc.)." Hailing from Union, NJ, Chanel is a former president of the WGA at Wharton Wharton MBA Student Review "Stylish interior and great location. The building management is friendly and very approachable. I like living in the building, everything is clean and the neighbors are friendly. Close to supermarkets and local restaurants. Public transportation is great!" sixteen
HIGHEST 1st Place 1213 WALNUT Midtown Village, 1213 Walnut St $$$$ 9.6 OVERALL RANKING Top Overall Buildings READ MORE REVIEWS ON VERYAPT.COM Wharton MBA Student Review MOVE “I literally love living in this building! Management is great. I haven't had any problem with them. The building PHILADELPHIA is very well maintained, the staff are very friendly and it is a very safe building. It's a few blocks from the "Wharton bubble" but literally close to where everyone goes out and has social events. How to Adjust to Life in Philadelphia. There are four bus options out front and the trolley bus is about two blocks away. Wharton students can literally walk right into class.” Do you have any suggestions on where new students should think about living? 2. “I would think about how I want to spend my time outside of class ICON $$9.5 TOTAL. I live in the northeast corner of Rittenhouse Park and love Rittenhouse Square, 1616 Walnut St RATIINGit. There are many popular restaurants, bars and shops nearby, although Trader Joe's and 2401 are a bit far away (ie 10+ minutes). My building is great - I don't have to pay for the gym or walk to the Pottruck, there's a great room (with free printables!) There are a few Wharton students in my building so I can always carpool to class , but not much I worry about running into someone every time I go out.” Anonymous Review Can you give us some quick tips on how to adjust to school and Philly? “Great apartment building, great staff, quick response to issues , central location, lots of young people in the building (Wharton and professionals). THE BEST ROOFTOP IN PHILADELPHIA". "I love Wharton and Philly, but it's easy to get overwhelmed. I think it's important to do as much research as possible early on because both Wharton and Philly have a lot to offer but I think people who can really benefit from the third parties are the ones who can quickly identify what they want for 1919 .MARKET $9.2 GENERAL prioritize Things will always come, but as much as you can Logan Square, 1919 Market St RATING understand what you really want to commit to and be honest about your ability to meet those commitments, for your own good and the good of others." Some of your favorite local spots in Philly? "I love shopping at Hung Vuong (Vietnamese grocery store). It's cheap and there are some good restaurants nearby. Gran Caffe L'Aquila was the first restaurant I ate at when I moved to Philly and it is convenient for large group special events. "Rooftop is a great space to host and rent cheaply. Trader Joes is down the street in one direction and the streetcar stop is right around the corner in the other (so it's 15 minutes from myCessna is from Arlington, Texas, loves yoga and served as a WGA gateway to Huntsman in the mornings. The rooms are modern, spacious '19 Cluster 4 President. bright, and as you look across the market, it's very, very quiet."
BEST FOR 1st Floor 2116 CHESTNUT Fitler Square, 2116 Chestnut St $$$$FAMILIES Top-rated properties for couples and families READ MORE REVIEWS ON VERYAPT.COM Graduate Student Review MEMBERS I “The apartments are very spacious, bright and have plenty of storage. Great location (close to downtown and 2401), FAMILY friendly, good management (especially security guards and engineers), fantastic amenities (gym, party room, BBQs, jacuzzi, business center perfect for holding group gatherings).” Advice from a former Wharton parent 2. What should new students/partners know about moving into 2400 CHESTNUT APARTMENTS $$Philly with a partner and/or children? Fitler Square, 2400 Chestnut St“You're welcome! In both Wharton and Philadelphia, having a family was a wonderful experience. Families are always welcome at Wharton events, and Philadelphia offers plenty of opportunities to explore and make memories. If you have school age kids there are great places to live in great school districts, I recommend FitlerSquare. What's your favorite family-friendly place in Philadelphia? Reviewed by Drexel LeBow Student "This is a really tough question, there are so many nice places" If you're on a budget and in Philadelphia. If I had to pick one, I'd say the Philadelphia Zoo. Looking for a safe apartment, building, great amenities and city to rent is the way to go, and our kids love all the animals and interactive exhibits. The company 2400 Chestnut is for you. It's right in the middle of the 30th Street train station, freeway, 13 minute walk to school and nightlife everywhere. You also get a free gym or all day depending on your schedule that day.” Cable included and great views of the city skyline or the Schuylkill Riverwalk which is next door with access from Do you have any suggestions for where students should walk across the Chestnut Street Bridge? If you have a family, I recommend living in Fitler Square. It is 3rd in Center City's best school district, close to campus, close to Rittenhouse Square and 2401, full of parks and NAVAL SQUARE $$$$ great restaurants, and has a great family atmosphere. If you come to Devil's Pocket, 1 Academy Cirsingle or without kids, most Wharton live in RittenhouseSquare in several high rises, apartments at 17th and Ionic Stare are unique and close to everything.” George Dutile lived with his family of four while studying for his MBA at Wharton. Reviewed by Shannon, student '14. “Marine Square is great. The apartment comes with a parking space, access to the gym and access to the outdoor pool. The location is very nice with a large green area in front, active management and is dog friendly. It is also very famous.” twenty
BEST FOR FIRST TIME COLLEGE CITY $$$ College City 9.8 CONVENIENCE RATED The facilities with the highest Convenience Rating make everything about 1L "easier" - and as much as a living situation can make things easier, it does! It's a 4 minute walk from the school, it's extremely quiet (I can't hear the neighbors at all), it has a gym and parking (for a fee, but I've found I don't really need a car) Great shared spaces here in absolute terms), is clean and has an excellent postal service. If you are looking for a simple place to live that has it all, this is it”  Convenient location  Great management 2.  Newer construction GRIFFIN CENTER CITY $$$$ 9.7 AMENITIES Midtown Village RATING TOP 10 GO TO FACULTY Review Wharton MBA Student1st CITY 9 .8 CONVENIENCE RATING “I like it here. Beautiful location, excellent facilities, great views and friendly neighbors and young professionals. While the Griffin isn't cheap, it's still a much better deal than comparable options. 2. GRIFFIN CENTER CITY 9.7 CONVENIENCE RATING There's a lot more going on near Rittenhouse and Midtown Village. Highly recommended!" PRESIDENTIAL CITY3. APARTMENTS 9.6 CONTENT RATING 3. PRESIDENTIAL CITY APARTMENTS 9.6 $$4. EDGEWATER 9.5 CONTENT RATING West Philadelphia RATING PARK TOWNE PLACE CONTENT4. PREMIER 9.5 CONTENT RATING6. NAVAL S SQUARE 9, 4 AMENITIES RATING 7. MAR KT 1919 9.3 CONVENIENCE RATING Review by Wharton MBA student Chantee For the unconventional folks who want to live outside of Rittenhouse, Presidential offers great amenities like Infinity Swimming8th 3737 CHESTNUT 9.1 CONVENIENCE RATING Swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, fitness rooms and free courses, classrooms and helpers at the entrance." 9th 1700 CHESTNUT 9.0 CONVENIENCE RATING FRANKLIN TOWER9TH RESIDENCES 9.0 CONVENIENCE RATING 22
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BEST FOR 1st 1613 SPRCE STREET Rittenhouse Square, 1613 Spruce St $9.6 VALUE RATING Best Value Buildings READ MORE REVIEWS AT VERYAPT.COM Wharton MBA Student Review. See the internal note below: “The apartment is good value for money. It has good amenities and is in a pretty good location with the cheapest rental prices I could find.” Neighborhood Affordability 2 o How Rent Differs by Neighborhood 1920 PINE STREET 9.5 Rittenhouse Square, 1920 Pine St $$ VALUE RATING Renting with roommates in a 3BR is the most affordable option. The average rent per person for a 3BR is about $1300 and can drop depending on the neighborhood you choose. To give you a better idea of ​​local neighborhoods and prices, here's a breakdown of 1BR rental costs: Wharton MBA Student Review "The best deal in Rittenhouse based on price per square foot and great location: The building is old and has still" t has been recently renovated so Logan Sq - has to deal with things breaking, front door not secured etc. $1825 3. Rittenhouse Square: 1213 WALNUT $9.3 VALUE $1790 Midtown Village, 1213 Walnut St RATING Fitler Square: $1700 Graduate Hospital: $1570 Wharton Washington Square West MBA Student Review: "I love 1213 Walnut." The amenities are amazing and the $1525 steering is extremely engaging and responsive. If there is a problem, they solve it. They really have thought of everything here and work hard to make our experience at Ciudad Universitaria better every day. They also host really fun social events and happy hours! pleasure! The building is also pet friendly for $1,250, many renters have dogs." Spruce Hill: $1,070 Powelton Village: $1,025 24
BEST FOR 1st Floor 1213 WALNUT Midtown Village $$$$ 9.8 PROPERTY RATING SERVICE Property rated by top management Reviewed by Wharton MBA Student READ MORE REVIEWS ON VERYAPT.COM “I love living at 1213 Walnut. The facilities are meticulously maintained, the staff are friendly and welcoming, and what well-run facilities usually offer, the amenities are wonderful." friendly staff  Proactive on building issues  Smooth rental process TOP 10 reviews by Wharton MBA student 1. 1213 WALNUT 9.8 SERVICE RATING 3. 2. 317-19 S 20TH STREET 9.7 SERVICE RATING THE ATLANTIK $$$$ 9.6 SERVICE RATING Rittenhouse Square 3. THE ATLANTIK 9.6 SERVICE RATING 4. THE HARPER 9.5 SERVICE RATING 5. THE BEACON 9.3 SERVICE RATING Rated by Wharton MBA student LOTS AT 1835 "The Atlantic is a beautiful building just a 10-15 minute walk from 6th ARCH STREET 9.1 SERVICE RATING Rittenhouse Square. It has been open for about 1 year. It is also convenient to the subway/trolley system and Midtown Village with great restaurants and bars. All in all, the 2,400 CHESTNUT residents in the building are not students, but employees."
BEST FOR 1. 2116 CHESTNUT Fitler Square, 2116 Chestnut St $$$$PET OWNERS Top Rated Real Estate for Pet Owners READ MORE REVIEWS ON VERYAPT.COM Wharton MBA Student Review. Check out the insider note below: “I really enjoyed living in 2116 Chestnut – The Floor - the floor-to-ceiling windows that cover an entire wall of my apartment make me feel like I'm floating above the city. I never get tired of watching the sunset behind the Schullykill River, the flow of highway traffic, the passing of Amtrak and freight trains, etc. - The best dog parks in Philadelphia are relaxing when you need to unwind after a busy week of yards or finals . It is a very spacious studio, with a full Take Your Fury Friend kitchen in the walk-out area and ample closet space. Pets are allowed and parking is available, but monthly garage fees are high.” People with dogs know how difficult it can be to find a safe, clean, and pet-friendly park. We have taken the liberty of researching and finding the best 2nd 2115 SPRCE STREET $$$$ dog parks in Philadelphia for you. Fitler Square, 2115 Spruce St Schuylkill River Park Dog Run: Located on Fitler Square, this dog park is known as the classiest in Philadelphia. It's a riverside artificial grass patio with a $14,000 drinking fountain. Wharton MBA Student Review “I really like our apartment. The location is excellent, there is a lot of Seger Park Dog Run space, great having 3 bathrooms and the kitchen is very nice. All in all, SRS is a good and responsive company to manage." Located on Washington Square West, Seger Park is well maintained with a third 10,000 square foot fenced dog park. Park and all dogs welcome Logan Square, 2040 Market St Chester Avenue Dog Park: Located right next to Wharton in University City, this park is a member-operated pool + free balls and toys Wharton MBA Student Review "The condo is really big for 1 BR 1BA right on Market Street and Columbus Square Dog Park - across from Trader Joes. Other apartments of this size in this area cost up to 3k more per month so this is great value. It has a balcony, but not a very fancy common area, but that was never a big factor in our search. The gym is small, but this park, located at 12th Street and Reed Street, has some pretty good equipment, especially the Peloton machine. Also a bit further from the typical Wharton super dog friendly!” but worth the trip. It is a large gravelled area with tree stumps to climb on and picnic tables for the owners. 26
Brownstones smaller properties and how to find them ABOUT BROWNSTONES Brownstones are apartments in older buildings, usually only a few stories high. Usually you will find a brownstone, there is no doorman, elevator, brownstones can be hard to find because they tend to have a lot of amenities, but they can be cheaper and privately owned and don't have time to have full lease managers. more spacious than apartments and Brownstone listings are generally available about 60 days in advance. multi-storey units in skyscrapers. You can find a brownstone by searching for listings online, contacting the owner directly, or working with VeryApt's concierge team, who can help you identify different options. CHEAPER LARGER FLOORS 3+ BEDROOMS MORE PRIVACY AVAILABLE Preparing for the Brownstone Search Most Wharton students choose larger properties to live closer to other students and simplify the search for an apartment. That said, there are many beautiful brownstones - be prepared to visit multiple NO DOOR LESS CONVENIENT LOCATION properties to find the perfect home, carefully study the pros and cons of OLD BUILDINGS LIMITED, and move on quickly if you find a unit that you like. MORE MAINTENANCE ISSUES TIPS & TIPS Reliable Landlords Noise & Neighbors Lease Terms View Reviews Online & Talk to Noises often travel through leases with independent owners, previous tenants for brownstone information and are easily negotiable. Check your rental agreement with your landlord. Find one that is disturbed by barking dogs, music or caption restrictions and the visitor will respond quickly to building maintenance. See the rules. You may be able to avoid checking in and have a history of the area to get a feel for increasing rent by securing longer refundable deposits. how can it be. rent.
OWNER ASSESSMENT and the rental process OWNER ASSESSMENT Understanding A+ 2400 Chestnut Associates RENTAL PROCESS B+ SRS Real Estate If this is your first time renting, here is an update on how the process is going: C The Scully Company A- AIMCO Application Process B+ AMC Delancey You will be asked to complete an application for an apartment. This will likely include a B Addison Real Estate application fee ($30-50) and possibly a down payment (up to a month's A- Allan Domb rent). If you are an international student, you may need to provide alternative information: At B Alterra Property Group, in the absence of a social security number, bank accounts, etc., the owners will often accept your A-Active Campus Accommodations visa documents and letter of admission. Owners will use your A Bozzuto management information to approve you based solely on your credit history and income. In the event of a problem with C+ Centra Associates, the landlord may grant the request provided that A Forest City has the guarantor sign the lease. A- Greystar after your approval A- Kaiserman Company The landlord often asks for a security deposit and rent in advance. The landlord typically collects up to two months' rent from A+ Korman Residential Properties as a security deposit and will pay up to A+ LCOR Inc. prepaid rent for up to two months. Anything beyond that is beyond normal. At the end of your lease and B+ Michael Singer Real Estate after you have given proper notice to move out (usually 60-90 days), the landlord has 30 days to return the security deposit at the end of the lease from A- PRDC Properties. . The landlord cannot fully refund the security deposit if there is a claim against C Panco Management for property damage or other outstanding costs. A- Pearl Properties A- Post Brothers Real Estate What to look out for Check for any additional charges or obligations that A- Reinhold Residential may cost you more than the list price of the property. This may include entry/exit fees, A Rittenhouse Management Company tenant's insurance requirements, condominium fees, A-Turchi Properties' usual electricity rates, etc. There may be additional monthly fees. Be sure to research the owner and management company of the Landlord Grades before making a deposit. If you have assigned ratings to owners through specific inquiries, feel free to contact us at contact@veryapt.com.a combination of management ratings and general ratings for the properties they manage. 28


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